Mercedes Runs Over Sleeping Dog In Goa: Driver Booked [Video]

Incidents of cruelty against people are often reported in the news; however, when the same occurs with animals, we often tend to ignore it. We all know that there are several stray animals on our roads. Many of them are hit by vehicles on highways, causing accidents. In most cases, these animals lose their lives or are seriously injured. Here we have an incident from Goa where a Mercedes-Benz driver drove over a sleeping dog in front of a society. After the video of this incident went viral, the driver of the car was booked for cruelty.

The video was shared by Prudent Media Goa on their YouTube channel and was recorded by a CCTV camera installed outside a society. It appears that the car was either entering or exiting a residential society. We see the SUV crossing the gate, and a dog was sleeping right in front of the gate.

The driver crosses the gate and without turning away from the dog, simply drives the car forward. The poor creature, sleeping on the road, was completely unaware of the danger ahead, and the driver simply drove the vehicle over it. The dog’s scream can be heard after the car runs over it in the video. The injured dog can be seen struggling to walk after the vehicle passes. It is clear from the video that there was enough space for the car driver to steer away from the dog.

Mercecdes runs over a dog

In fact, he had slowed down at the gate and had enough time to look at the obstacles in front. According to reports, the injured dog died 30 minutes after the incident. An X (formerly Twitter) user, actor Deepti Bhatnagar, wrote, “In Goa, a luxury car GA03Z6144, driven by the driver of an influential person, deliberately drove over a sleeping community dog. The dog died after 30 mins. This is the 2nd dog killed by the same car.”

According to online reports, this is not the first time the owner of this Mercedes car has been involved in such a crime. He was involved in another incident where he killed another dog. The accused, Bharat Natekar, is a resident of Porvorim. The actress also claimed that the act was caught on camera, and even then, the Agassaim police have not registered an FIR.

After the video went viral, people started reacting to this cruel act. Many of them tagged senior police officials and asked them to take action against the culprit. One user wrote, “Disgusting. Seems like a devil. Action must be taken.” PETA also commented under the video and wrote, “Kindly call us on our Emergency Helpline Number at 9820122602 to report the issue or share with us your contact so that we may be able to call you back.”

According to video reports, action has now been taken against the driver, and he has been booked under several sections. The exact details of the same are currently not available. This is not the first time we have come across an incident like this. In 2022, an Audi car driver also committed a similar act. He deliberately ran over a street dog named Lara in Bengaluru. The culprit was later arrested by cops and released after paying a bond of Rs 10 lakh.

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