Menswear Is Still Riding the Succession High

Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin, who played two of Cox’s on-screen sons in Succession, have also parlayed their Roy personas into opulent brand partnerships with two of menswear’s leading purveyors of “stealth wealth.” Strong—whose Method commitment to Kendall Roy’s fashion sense had him wearing custom Prada and a Frank Ocean-designed diamond necklace at the Met Gala earlier this year—has become close with the Italian luxury brand Loro Piana, which Kendall frequently wore in the series. (Loro Piana, like the Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, even made custom pieces for Kendall to wear in the final season.) “For Kendall, Loro Piana represented a supreme, rarefied level of luxury and comfort and the sort of if-you-know-you-know thing, and that’s part of the story we were telling with the character,” the actor told GQ at a dinner for the brand this summer. “For me, I just love that quality of obsessiveness and relentlessness and the unending search for an elusive perfection.”

Jeremy Strong attends GQ and Loro Piana’s Milan Fashion Week event in June.

Photograph by Antonio De Masi for GQ

Kieran Culkin stars in a recent Zegna campaign.

Courtesy of Zegna

In true Roy fashion, Culkin teamed up with Loro Piana’s quiet luxury rival Zegna, starring in a campaign for the brand’s deerskin-leather-bound Triple Stitch sneakers that dropped back in March, midway through Succession’s final season. Culkin made for an appropriately impish ambassador for one of the Italian luxury house’s more casual offerings, even if the kicks run $950 a pair; he also wore the sneakers to the season 4 premiere. Though the show is long over, fashion is still capitalizing on its cultural resonance—not unlike HBO’s other viral prestige juggernaut, The White Lotus. That said, whoever’s sleeping on giving Alan Ruck a fashion campaign better wake up and smell the coffee. Perhaps, even, a Café Leon Dore espresso?

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