Meet the pilot who drives a private bus when he is not flying [Video]

Becoming a pilot must have been a wish for many kids. Only a small section of them actually realize this dream and get to fly an aircraft. However, here we have a very interesting report about a pilot from Kerala who drives a bus when he is not flying a plane. He drives a private bus owned by his father when he returns home after work.

The video seen here has been shared by Media Malayalam on their YouTube channel. The pilot’s name is Sreehari, and he is from Kerala’s Kasargod district. Sreehari, as a kid, had a craze for vehicles. When Sreehari was studying in the fourth class, he learned how to drive a car. In the seventh class, he learned to drive a bus as well. Sreehari’s mother is a school teacher, and his father owns a private bus named ‘Varadayini.’ When Sreehari was a kid, he used to sit near the driver’s seat. He was always curious about vehicles, and while the bus was being driven by the driver, he used to look out of the window and dream about becoming a pilot one day.

Sreehari driving bus & flying aircraft

Sreehari soon started working towards his dream job. He completed graduation and went to Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Raibareli, and got his commercial pilot license at the age of 22. He was preparing to fly an Airbus 320, but sadly, due to Covid-19, his job was put on hold. Just like many of us, Sreehari also had to wait. He had to wait for another one and a half years to fly his first aircraft. He started with domestic services (Delhi-Bengaluru). He began his career with Air Asia, and after flying for them, Sreehari has now switched his job to Vistara. Sreehari has been flying on both domestic and international flights. He is currently the flight captain with Vistara and has flown to Delhi, Ranchi, Kochi, Bengaluru, Singapore, and many more destinations.

His first international flight was to Saudi Arabia, and the passengers were pilgrims (Haji). As mentioned above, when Sreehari takes a day off from flying, he is seen behind the steering wheel of his father’s private bus. He has a license to drive a bike, car, autorickshaw, bus, operate and drive a crane, and finally the airplane. We did look for videos of Sreehari online; however, we couldn’t find many. Hopefully, we would come across a better video or interview of Sreehari online. We have come across several instances where individuals from humble backgrounds have become pilots.

The article doesn’t say much about his interest in cars, nor does he own any expensive cars. We have come across several stories about successful businessmen who started their business with a vision or dream. Becoming a pilot is not an easy task by any means; it is a time and money-consuming process. However, Sreehari has proved that if you dream something and work hard for it, you can achieve it. We have featured a story of an individual from a humble background who now works for an airline and has a Jaguar XJ L luxury saloon.

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