Maruti Swift, Hyundai Creta and Mahindra Thar seized for viral Instagram stunt reel in Gurgaon: Owners arrested [Video]

Despite seeing what happens to other social media influencers after doing stupid stunts, people in this country still don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Once again, a video of a few hooligans performing extremely dangerous and idiotic stunts on public roads has been shared online. The only good part about this incident is that these self-proclaimed stunt masters have been caught by the police authorities, and their vehicles have been seized. These offenders have been caught for driving at high speed recklessly and endangering the lives of others.

Reckless behavior on public roads

This particular video of reckless stunting on a public road has been shared by NDTV on their YouTube channel. According to the reports, this video was shot near a Rapid Metro station in an underpass near Cyber City in Gurgaon. In the video, a white Hyundai i20 and a modified Mahindra Thar were first seen alongside a ton of traffic. Following this, the video pans towards a heavily modified and wrapped Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback, which was parked facing the incoming traffic.

Soon after, the cameraman standing out of the panoramic sunroof of the Hyundai Creta shows the Swift moving in reverse. The Mahindra Thar driver came very close to the oppositely parked Swift before it started speeding in reverse gear. The white Hyundai i20 was also seen following the Swift, Thar, and the Creta. All of these cars were seen speeding excessively and risking the lives of other people on the public road.

Consequence of this stupidity

Soon after the video was shared online, it went viral, and Gurgaon Police wasted no time. With the help of the video shared, CCTV footage, and the registration numbers, three of the four cars in the video were seized. The list of the seized cars included the black Mahindra Thar, black Hyundai Creta, and the red wrapped Swift. From the picture of the seized cars, it was noted that the front bumper and the extreme wrap with demonic graphics were removed.

Maruti Swift, Hyundai Creta and Mahindra Thar seized for viral Instagram stunt reel in Gurgaon: Owners arrested [Video]

Gurgaon Police revealed that a total of two arrests have been made with the search for the third person active. It was stated that the two accused, Sandeep Rana and Vasu, are residents of Mayur Kunj in Bhondsi and Nawada village, respectively.

A police officer, during an interview, stated, “We filed a case on Friday, and their vehicles were seized. We found that the red Swift had been modified by the accused by removing the sticker to evade arrest. The videos were uploaded online but deleted later.” He added that, “The drivers were seen aggressively overtaking other vehicles, demonstrating a complete disregard for safety. Based on this, an investigation was initiated. On Friday, an FIR under IPC sections 279, 336, 283, and 39/192(1) of the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act was registered at Sector 53 police station.”

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