Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with custom 3-inch lift kit: Insane flex [Video]

When it comes to the rapidly growing off-roading scene in India, the Maruti Suzuki Jimny is a name that immediately pops to mind. This new lifestyle off-roader from Maruti Suzuki has taken the country by storm. This highly capable SUV is being bought by a ton of enthusiasts and is also being modified to enhance its off-roading capabilities even more. Recently, another video of a fully customized Jimny with a custom-made 3-inch lift has been shared online. The video shows how this lift enhances the articulation and flex of this capable off-roader.

The video of this particular Maruti Suzuki Jimny, modified with a 3-inch lift kit, has been shared on YouTube by Modified Hub on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter reaching the shop responsible for creating a brand new lift kit for his Jimny. He mentions that there are already 3-inch lift kits for Jimny available in the market; however, this one is different. He states that this shop has done their own research and development and has created a brand new kit which is of extremely high quality and immensely capable. He added that they are also developing a 5-inch lift for the Jimny as well.

Modifications on this Jimny

Following the introduction, the presenter then reaches the shop, and after taking another Jimny and the owner of the shop, he goes to a different location to talk about the work done on the owner’s Jimny at the moment. He starts off by stating that this car has been given a wind booster. This is a device that is used to improve the throttle efficiency of a car. The presenter then shows the different modes of this booster and adds that it helps in improving the throttle response of the Jimny. He then asks the owner of the shop to add this to his Jimny as well.

After this, they talk about the newly developed lift kit. The presenter asks the owner of the shop, Moving Metal Garage, about the changes done to this particular Jimny. He then mentions that the first thing that they have changed are the wheels and tires. He states that they added 15-inch steel wheels and 31-inch all-terrain tires. After this, he adds that they have changed all four links of the car to allow the wheels to play as it was rubbing before.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with custom 3-inch lift kit: Insane flex [Video]

Following this, the presenter states that they have also changed all four coil springs, shock absorbers, and also the sway bar of the car. After this, the presenter then shows all the parts changed in the car from a close shot. He first shows the new links added to the car at the front and the rear as well. He then explains the process behind the research and development done behind this kit. The owner of the shop also adds that they are developing a 5-inch lift kit as well, which they will be installing in the presenter’s car.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with custom 3-inch lift kit: Insane flex [Video]

Lastly, after explaining the components of the 3-inch lift kit, the owner of the shop shows the capability achieved after the installation of the kit. The owner of the shop backs up the Jimny and then climbs it over a sewage cover made of cement. The Jimny, without any effort, climbs over the obstacle with its front suspension fully flexed. The right wheel goes deep in the fender without touching, and the rear axle is shown as straight as it could be. All three wheels of the car were touching the ground as they should with a good off-road setup.

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