Maruti Jimny SUV attempts to climb a massive sand dune: Here’s the result [Video]

Maruti Jimny is currently one of the most talked-about 4×4 SUVs in India. It was a much-awaited product among off-road enthusiasts. Although Jimny was available internationally, we only received this SUV this year. It is an extremely capable SUV, and there are several videos available online that prove the same. There are also several modification options available for the Jimny. We have seen several videos of the 5-door Jimny since its launch. Here, we have a video where the Jimny is trying to climb up a massive sand dune in Rajasthan. Will it climb? Let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by BRH Expedition. In this video, a vlogger and his friends are driving to the desert in Rajasthan. The trip starts on broken village roads, which take them to the sand dunes. The Jimny used in this video looks in stock form. There is also a Mahindra Thar in the group. Both of these SUVs enter the sand dunes, and it looks like the driver has done this before. He managed to drive the SUV through the dunes very effortlessly.

He was not pushing the vehicle too much, and the car was also moving forward without any issues. He knew the dunes and the technique to drive on them. There were areas where the sand was too soft, and the Jimny was not climbing at once. He slowly stops the vehicle and drives the car in reverse. He takes a different line, and the SUV climbs up.

Both the Mahindra Thar and Jimny were gliding through the dunes effortlessly. Towards the end of the video, both SUVs reach a point where there is a steep drop, and the dunes open up to a valley. The Jimny and Mahindra Thar both come down the slope. It was a bit tricky as there were multiple layers to it. The driver carefully guides the car without getting stuck on the deeper sections of the dune.

Jimny climbing a massive sand dune

Once the SUVs reach the bottom, the Jimny driver, who is making the vlog, decides to check if the Jimny is capable of climbing the steep slope or the massive dune. The area where the SUVs were parked was actually flat, and that was an advantage for this stunt. The Jimny driver took the SUV far away from the dune and prepared to climb the massive dune. He did this in order to gain momentum to climb up.

4H was engaged in the Jimny, and the vlogger drove the SUV towards the dune. The flat land gave the SUV enough time to gain speed, and it started climbing up the dune. During the first attempt, the SUV managed to reach almost the top. However, it could not clear the dune completely as the wheels started losing traction. The vlogger attempted a couple more times, and in the last attempt, the Jimny climbed up. The SUV managed to do it without any issues. It stayed on the track and maintained the momentum. It is not clear whether the SUV is running on the stock road-biased tires or if the owner installed AT or off-road spec tires to improve performance.

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