Maruti Jimny goes rock crawling: Here’s how it performed [Video]

Maruti Jimny is currently a popular 4×4 SUV among off-road enthusiasts. It was one of the most anticipated products from Maruti Suzuki this year. We already know that the Jimny sold in India is different from the ones abroad. It is a lot more practical, and we were the first ones to get the 5-door Jimny in the world. The 5-door Jimny’s deliveries have started, and people have already started taking the SUV off-road. There are several videos available online that show how this SUV performs off-road. Here we have a video where a Maruti Jimny owner takes his SUV for rock crawling. This is how it performed.

The video has been uploaded by Dreamy Wheels by Aneesh on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner, along with his family, went out on an off-road trip in the Jimny. He chose to drive to the top of a hill that is not accessible by a regular car. The way to reach the spot is also very tricky. In this video, the owner actually wanted to check the rock crawling capabilities of his SUV. To reach the bottom of the hill, he had to drive through a very narrow lane.

Maruti Jimny managed to go through these sections very easily because of its smaller dimensions. The owner was very confident while driving through the narrow mud roads. At one point, he even engaged 4×4 to climb a small section to reach the bottom of the hill. He was driving to Sasthampara and Kurishupara near Thodupuzha, Kerala. He finally reached a pump house. This is actually a point from where the driver could actually see the hill on which he is attempting to climb up in the Jimny.

Jimny rock crawling

He drove the car down with his family. The SUV was performing very well while going down. The Hill Descent Control was working and controlling the speed automatically. The car finally reached the bottom of the hill (Kurishupara). The vlogger engaged 4×4 and started driving forward. It looks like he engaged 4L and started moving forward. The SUV, without any drama, started crawling up the section. The SUV was performing pretty well. It did not lose traction at any point, and the owner also made sure that the SUV was going through places where the track was clear.

It is actually a steep climb, and if the car loses momentum at any point, the car might not be able to continue. This is a manual transmission Jimny, and the owner was driving it neatly. After driving the car on the rocks, the Jimny finally reached the top. The owner then drove through small puddles filled with water on the top of the hill, had lunch, and then drove away. It should be noted that the Jimny seen here is the lower variant, and it comes with steel rims. The stock HT tires have been replaced with Rough Terrain tires. This is one of the reasons why the Jimny managed to perform effortlessly. Tires are extremely important while off-roading, and this video is proof of the same. The owner was extremely happy with Jimny’s performance.

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