Maruti Jimny gets stuck in slush while off-roading: Rescued by tractor [Video]

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the much-awaited Jimny 5-door in the market. India is the first country to get this practical 5-door version of the SUV. Deliveries for this 4×4 SUV have already started, and several videos related to it have been seen. People have begun modifying the SUV, and many have even tested its capabilities by taking it off-road. Here we have one such video where a Maruti Jimny SUV gets stuck in slush while the owner was trying to go off-road through a mud trail.

The video has been uploaded by BRH explorations on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner, who is also the vlogger, is driving on a mud track that cuts through farms and villages. These tracks are usually accessed by tractors and other farming equipment. The road is uneven, with many mud pools on the track. A normal 2WD vehicle would easily get stuck on such roads; however, the owner wanted to test the capability of this SUV. The Jimny in this video looks like the base variant, which comes with steel rims. The owner has upgraded the stock tires to AT tires from the Continental brand.

His friend starts driving the car through the track with mud pools. Initially, the car was being driven in 2WD form only, and it was handling the situation pretty well. After a point where the tracks started to become challenging, they engaged 4H, and the Jimny drove through it without any drama. There were definitely some places where the driver had to reverse and attempt again, but that was only because the pools were too deep compared to the tractor tires used on these roads.

Jimny stuck in dirt

After a point, they came to a spot where they had to navigate through a lot of shrubs with no defined tracks. With proper spotting, the SUV navigated through the section, and there was a drop at the end. The car went into a small channel created to collect rainwater, probably. The vlogger drove the SUV through this channel with ease, and finally, while attempting to cross a mud pool, the SUV got stuck. The pool was not too deep; however, the bottom was uneven, and the SUV got beached at one of the sections. The AT tires were of no use here as none of the wheels were getting traction. The water started getting inside the cabin as the SUV was tilted towards the left.

The vlogger and his friends tried to remove the mud from the bottom; however, the car was not moving. Finally, when they saw that the car was not moving, they went ahead and called for help. There were backup vehicles in this case, which is completely stupid. They called a local tractor to help. The tractor tried pulling the SUV from the front; however, it was of no use. When they found that the SUV was not moving forward, they changed the strategy and tied the rope at the rear. The tractor pulled the Jimny out of the mud pool almost immediately. This video is a perfect example that shows even 4x4s can get stuck, and it is always a good idea to carry backup vehicles in such situations.

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