Marshall White rebrands as it looks to the future

Melbourne real estate group Marshall White has updated its brand while still highlighting the classic castle logo that is synonymous with the company.

The Announcement:

Leading Melbourne real estate group Marshall White has launched its new branding, harnessing the business’ six decades of experience and catapulting it towards the next generation of success. 

The branding puts the classic Marshall White castle logo at the forefront of the business’ identity, in a nod to the class and elegance that have propelled the agency since its inception. 

The lettering and fonts have also been adjusted to become statelier, while maintaining a sharp, contemporary edge. 

Group Sales Director John Bongiorno said the branding confirms Marshall White’s commitment to its values, including its heritage, market-leading technology, industry leadership and investment in people. 

“As we enter our 60th year, we’re ensuring Marshall White remains relevant and at the forefront of the blue-chip market,” Mr Bongiorno said. 

“Since taking the reins from Mr White in 1993, we’ve continued his belief in fostering a family-oriented structure both with our customers and within the business.

“The new look also represents a commitment to the people who make this business a success – from our world-class agents to the engine room support team, the brand unites the company.”

From selling Melbourne’s first million-dollar home at 20 St Georges Road, Toorak in 1981 to repeatedly breaking its own residential property record of $80 million with 29-31 St Georges Rd in 2022, Marshall White Head of Marketing, Kenyon Marais, said it was important to draw on the success of the brand for its new design. 

“We’re reinstating a timeless visual identity by both acknowledging our roots while adding a contemporary edge, which will guide the business into its next era,” Mr Marais said. 

“Our competitors aren’t solely real estate brands. 

“In a modern market, the only way to cut through everyday noise is to rival out-of-industry international brands by offering a hands-on, personalised experience that delivers tangible value.”

According to REA data, over the past 12 months alone Marshall White has sold more than one-in-three houses in core areas of expertise – namely Toorak, Armadale, South Yarra, Brighton, Albert Park, Kew and Hawthorn and nearly one-in-two houses in areas such as Malvern East.

Chief Commercial Officer Tony Sesto said that with a diverse team ranging from 18 to 80 years old, the styles of Marshall White’s team are as broad as the communities it serves.

“We need to cater for needs as unique as the homes we represent. In an era driven by overconsumption, it’s never been more important to reclaim the best of our past and pay homage to it while not stifling a client’s individuality,” Mr Sesto said. 

“When clients entrust Marshall White with a property, we use our almost 600,000-strong buyer database to ensure the right buyers see the right properties, both locally and nationally.” 

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