Man swings sword at passing motorists: Video goes viral

A video of man swinging machete on the motorists has gone viral. The incident is from Kolar, Karnataka and has been recorded by a person who was standing nearby the person swinging the machete knife.

The young chap, who looks like he had too much to drink is standing on road and is asking the liquor shop vendor for more beer. In the meantime, he is swinging the machete on the motorists passing through. One of the autorickshaws stopped when the man swung the machete on him. He even hit the autorickshaw with the blade but with the flat end and not the sharp edge.

A few other motorists got very scared when they saw the youngster with the machete. He almost caused a bike to fall down. Another biker stopped when the man swung the sword and then the people near him said sorry to the bikers.

We are not exactly sure if the person was drunk but he does look quite high on alcohol in this video. We are also not sure if there has been any police action on the man. This video is a few years old and has resurfaced on the Internet recently and is going viral again.

Similar incident in Pune

A couple of years ago, goons in Pune were spotted doing similar attacks on the cars passing by. The incident that occurred at around 9 PM at the Takala Chowk showed two men armed with choppers. They swung the sharp knives at the vehicles that were passing through the road and even attacked the riders on two-wheelers.

The goons attacked multiple vehicles at the spot and ran around to hit the passing vehicles. In fact, people saw them and even took U-turns to avoid them. The two men looked drunk although the cops did not confirm or release any details related to the incident. Both men damaged several vehicles that were passing through the road and even injured one person. We were not sure what triggered the goons to do such an act, though. More details were awaited.

Attacks on passing cars are quite common on secluded highways across India. However, attacking cars in the middle of a city on a busy street is new and uncommon. There is a strong possibility that these men were intoxicated at the moment of the incident.

Some scammers also target vehicles during the daytime on busy roads. An infamous gang from North India, known as the Thak Thak gang, selects their targets in broad daylight and carries out robberies using specialized techniques.

The Thak Thak gang has several members who divert the attention of the driver of the vehicle and then steal valuables like laptops, mobile phones, and even cash bags from the cars. This is why one needs to be extremely careful on public roads even during daylight.

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