Man sitting sideways while riding a Royal Enfield Bullet is a risky [video]

Doing stunts on public roads is illegal, and the police can actually take action against those who engage in such activities. However, it seems that some people don’t care about the rules and continue to perform such stunts. In the past, the police have taken action against many individuals who were seen doing stunts on the road. Here, we have a video from Punjab where a man is observed sitting sideways on a Royal Enfield motorcycle with his hands off the handlebars.

We have witnessed army personnel performing stunts on Royal Enfield motorcycles as part of Republic Day celebrations. It appears that the man seen in this video took inspiration from the same and decided to perform the stunt on the road. The video has been shared by the Instagram page “1000 Things in Ludhiana.” The text in the video mentions that the biker was spotted on the Patiala-Samana road in Punjab. In this short video circulating on the internet, we see a man wearing a turban sitting with both his legs on one side of the bike.

The bike is being ridden at a decent speed on the road. To make things even more dangerous, we notice that the rider is not holding the handlebars. The rider probably made changes to the throttle cable on the bike, and it is now stuck in a single position. The biker has one leg on top of the other and is enjoying the ride. While trained professionals have performed this stunt on Royal Enfield motorcycles during the Republic Day Parade, doing such stunts on the road is extremely dangerous.

Sardar doing stunt on public road

There is a lot that can go wrong while performing such stunts on the road. As seen here, the motorcycle maintained speed and balance because there was no external force pushing it otherwise. We already know that Indian roads are full of surprises. If the bike hits a pothole and a stray animal or a jaywalker comes in front of the bike, then the rider has no chance of saving himself or the bike. He cannot properly apply brakes, and the chances of him losing balance and falling from the bike are pretty high.

If that happens, the rider is definitely going to get seriously injured. As seen in the video, he is not wearing a helmet, and he does not have any other riding gear on him for protection. All these factors make this stunt extremely risky. This is not the first time we have come across a video of such a stunt on the road. The registration number of the motorcycle is clearly visible in the video, and we hope the Punjab police come across this video and take action against the rider.

If you truly want to perform such stunts, look for open grounds or private tracks. Public roads are not the place for this. We have emphasized in our previous articles that public roads are for everyone. By performing such stunts on the road, the biker is not only putting his own life at risk but also the lives of other road users.

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