Man Racks Up Rs. 3.04 Lakh Traffic Fine: Asks Police To Seize His Honda Activa

Since the installation of AI cameras across the country that click pictures of people violating traffic rules, numerous cases have come forward in which the fines have exceeded lakhs of Rupees. In a similar case recently, it has been reported that a Honda Activa from Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru has accumulated a staggering Rs. 3.04 lakh in traffic fines. What is even more shocking is that when the police officials arrived at his home to inform him about this, he asked them to seize his Honda Activa.

According to police officials, the individual, over the last few months, has committed over 300 traffic violations. These violations include riding without a helmet, speaking on the mobile phone while driving, and disregarding traffic signals. It has been reported that when the police authorities reached his home and told him about his pending fines and asked him to pay the dues, the owner of this Honda Activa stated that he won’t be able to pay the dues and they can seize his Honda Activa scooter, which has a registration number KA05 KF 7969.

As per the reports, it has been stated that police has rejected his plea and issued a warning that failure to clear the fines. They informed the owner of the scooter that if he does not pay the fine then it would result in legal action against him. Following this, the individual has since sought additional time to settle the pending dues. However, if he has cleared his fine as of yet, has not been revealed.

Why did this person ask the police to seize his scooter?

Most likely the owner of the scooter asked the police authorities to seize the vehicle as the total amount of fine, which is Rs. 3.04 lakh, is much more than the value of the scooter itself. This is why instead of paying the fine amount, the person thought that he could get his scooter seized and his fine would get cleared, and with the remaining amount, he could buy himself a new scooter. However, his tactic has failed and now he will have to pay this extremely high fine amount.

Not the first such case

bike with Rs 1.25 lakh fine

Over the last few months, a number of similar instances of such high traffic fines have surfaced on the internet. In another incident, a motorcycle rider was found to have amassed fines amounting to Rs. 1,24,500 for multiple violations, primarily related to riding without a helmet.

Scooty pep with Rs 3 lakh fine

Apart from this, another owner of a TVS Scooty Pep+ owner from Bengaluru was slapped with fines totaling Rs. 3.25 lakh for 634 traffic violations. Most of these violations were recorded by the camera-based Intelligent Traffic Management System. It was reported then reported that his scooter was seized by the police authorities. Following this, the owner filed a plea for the release of the scooter without paying the dues. However, this plea was denied by the police.


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