Mahindra Thar.e electric off-road SUV design patent filed

Earlier this year, on the 77th Independence Day of India, Mahindra Automotive, the country’s largest SUV maker, revealed the concept of the new Thar.e, an electric off-road SUV. The model quickly piqued the interest of off-road enthusiasts as well as Thar enthusiasts with its completely new and radical design language. Now, on further advancement on this model, it has been reported that Mahindra Automotive has filed for and received the patent for the design of this SUV.

The new Mahindra Thar.e’s exterior design patent was filed on the 10th of August this year. The patent filing pictures show the exact same concept of the Mahindra Thar.e electric SUV, which was showcased at the brand’s event held in Cape Town, South Africa. Most likely, the model is currently under development and will not be seen in showrooms until 2025. The model will become one of the first true-blooded EV off-road vehicles in India once launched.

Mahindra Thar.e electric off-road SUV design patent filed

Anand Mahindra said Thar.e will go into production

Just a few weeks ago, Anand Mahindra, CEO of the Mahindra Group, shared a tweet that the Thar.e will definitely go into production. In his post on X (formerly Twitter), the Mahindra chief stated that when they completed the Thar.e’s concept, they became committed to bringing this model into reality. He also shared a video of the concept of Thar.e performing off-road on another planet along with his statement.

Mahindra Thar.e Electric Off-Road SUV

Mahindra Thar.e electric off-road SUV design patent filed

For those unfamiliar with the Mahindra Thar.e, as mentioned above, it was showcased at the brand’s Indian Independence Day live event in South Africa. This new electric Thar.e will be based on the brand’s new platform, named the INGLO-P1 platform. This new SUV will offer increased ground clearance to enhance its off-road capabilities. The exact dimensions are currently unknown, but it has been reported that the wheelbase of the Thar.e will range from around 2,775 mm to 2,975 mm.

In terms of design, the concept of the Mahindra Thar.e boasts an extremely futuristic design and looks nothing like its ICE sibling. This new electric SUV features a set of squarish LED headlamps at the front. It also gets a high-gloss black front grille with three vertical slats on the left side and the Thar.e logo on the right side. Additionally, it also gets a gunmetal grey steel front bumper.

Mahindra Thar.e electric off-road SUV design patent filed

On the side profile, the concept Thar.e has been shown with five doors. The overall theme of the Thar.e is boxy, and there are no curvy body lines on this SUV. At the rear, the SUV features the signature spare wheel with the Thar.e logo, and it also has the same design for the taillights as the headlights up front. Overall, it looks very futuristic and modern, and if the production model of this SUV closely resembles the concept, it will become a huge hit in India.

Mahindra Thar.e Powertrain

Mahindra Thar.e electric off-road SUV design patent filed

Regarding the powertrain, it was recently reported that the company will offer the Thar.e with a powertrain sourced from Volkswagen. It was stated that Volkswagen’s all-new APP550 electric motor, which will be a rear-axle-mounted motor, will power the Thar.e, as well as other Mahindra BE (Born Electric) SUVs. Mahindra Automotive has reportedly designed its INGLO platform to house this brand-new APP550 electric motor. As for the specifications, it will be capable of producing a maximum of 286 bhp of power and 550 Nm of torque.


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