Mahindra Thar driven by a young boy crashes into a truck: All passengers safe [Video]

Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons for accidents across the globe. What happens is the drivers get occupied with using their phones, tweaking the music system, or doing something else and eventually crash. No matter how many times it’s said to be alert while driving, accidents due to the lack of alertness are prevalent. Recently, another such crash of young boys in their Mahindra Thar off-roader SUV has been shared online. These young men were busy grooving to the music in the vehicle, and because of this, they crashed into the back of a slow-moving truck.

The video of this Mahindra Thar’s crash has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. It starts off with the presenter of the video talking about similar accidents that have occurred in the past and shows a glimpse of them. Next up, he inserts the clip in which a Mahindra Thar crashes into a truck. It was mentioned in the video that this clip has come from Jharkhand. It shows the entire sequence of the accident and also shows the aftermath of the accident.

The Mahindra Thar Overtaking Accident

From the small clip shared, we can observe that a group of young boys can be seen playing songs and dancing inside the Mahindra Thar on a highway. Now, while doing this, the driver of the Thar overtakes one truck on the left. He then sees another truck in front of him on the left, which he daringly tries to overtake. Now, what happens is that immediately after coming next to it to overtake, he sees another slow-moving truck on the right lane.

Soon after spotting this new truck, he tries to complete his overtake. However, the truck on the left does not back down, and the Thar driver could not apply brakes on time. He then crashes the right front end of the Thar with the left rear corner of the truck. It was reported in the video that thankfully all the passengers of the Thar were safe, and no one was severely hurt. However, things could have been a lot uglier if the speed was a little more than it was.

Aftermath of the Crash

Mahindra Thar driven by a young boy crashes into a truck: All passengers safe [Video]

Following the main clip of the accident, the video also shows a clip with all the damage suffered by the Mahindra Thar. It can be noted that the entire front right end of the vehicle has been crushed, damaging the bumper, bonnet, and front right fender. Apart from the exterior, a glimpse of the interior was also shown in the video. It can be noted that the entire dashboard has broken from the right, and all of the airbags have also deployed.

Could This Be Avoided?

As mentioned before, the main reason behind the accident is the lack of alertness and attentiveness on the road. The driver of this Mahindra Thar must have been distracted by the loud music and his friends making videos in the background and hence could not understand the distance between the trucks. Another reason was that he was speeding. Had he been at a slightly lower speed, he could have applied the brakes on time and avoided this dangerous accident. However, young people don’t seem to understand this basic concept.

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