Mahindra Scorpio SUV loses control & topples while stunting on public road: Occupants safe [Video]

Doing stunts on public roads is not legal, and we have seen several examples that illustrate what happens when law enforcement apprehends such offenders. However, it appears that people never learn. With social media becoming an integral part of our lives, more videos are emerging online, where individuals are observed flouting traffic rules for the sake of views and likes. These stunts are frequently performed on public roads, and many of them result in accidents. Here, we have one such video from Rajasthan where a group was performing stunts with a Mahindra Scorpio Classic when they lost control, and the SUV toppled.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The vlogger mentions that the video of the accident and the information associated with it were shared by one of his followers. The accident occurred on September 25th in Rajasthan. According to the video, people were actually celebrating a regional festival during which they often visit temples and attend festival fairs in the area.

Locals even perform stunts with their vehicles to gain attention, especially on social media. In the past, we’ve come across several videos where people drive old Mahindra jeeps, packed with passengers and loudspeakers, in a reckless manner. They drive the SUVs in a zigzag pattern to showcase their skills. The Mahindra Scorpio, which crashed, was also present at the scene and was attempting a similar stunt. In the video, we can see the driver trying to lift the front wheel of the Mahindra Scorpio while two individuals sit on the SUV’s windows.

Scorpio stunt gone wrong

The SUV featured in the video is a Scorpio Classic. The driver can be seen performing the stunt, and the vehicle keeps moving forward. The individuals sitting on the windows of the SUV are holding on tightly to avoid falling. The next clip in the video shows a Mahindra Scorpio Classic with its front end completely wrecked in an accident. The person who shared the details mentions that the driver was attempting a stunt with the car and was driving it in a zigzag manner. The driver likely lost control, resulting in the crash. It doesn’t seem like the car collided with another vehicle.

According to the video, the occupants of the car fled after the accident, indicating that they are safe. However, it’s unclear whether the SUV crashed into another vehicle or a person. In the first clip, the Scorpio Classic didn’t have a registration plate, but the one that crashed had one, and we can observe a person removing it. This creates some confusion. Either the video was recorded at different times, or there were two Scorpio Classic SUVs at the scene. The person who was in the car even shared a video online telling that everyone was safe.

The Scorpio’s roof and pillars are severely damaged. The windshield and bonnet also appear to be damaged as a result of the accident. Locals managed to push the toppled car back onto the road. This is yet another example that underscores why one should never perform stunts on public roads. We sincerely hope that the car’s occupants are safe. Cops can be seen around the vehicle, and it is expected that they may take action against the car’s owner or driver for negligent driving and for putting the lives of other road users at risk.

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