Mahindra Scorpio sales hit nearly 12,000 units in September 2023

The Mahindra Scorpio has proved its mettle once again by selling over 11,800 units in the Indian market during September 2023. This iconic SUV has showcased a remarkable year-on-year growth of 24.22%, reinforcing its status as a beloved choice among Indian car buyers.

The Scorpio, a prominent name in Mahindra’s lineup, has emerged as the top-seller for the brand, with 11,846 units finding new homes in September 2023.

Comparatively, during the same period the previous year, Mahindra sold 9,536 units of the Scorpio. This noteworthy increase in sales substantiates the Scorpio’s evergreen popularity and the trust Indian consumers place in this robust SUV.

The Scorpio, a SUV that has earned its stripes in the Indian automotive landscape, recently achieved a milestone by crossing the 9 lakh unit production mark. Launched in 2002, it has consistently been one of Mahindra’s most sought-after models.

Let’s delve into some key specifications of the Mahindra Scorpio:

  • Launch Date: The Mahindra Scorpio made its debut in India in 2002. Since then, it has undergone several updates and facelifts to remain contemporary.
  • Engine: The Scorpio has been available with various engine options over the years. While details may change over time, it has been known for offering a powerful performance suitable for Indian roads.
  • Power Figures: The Scorpio’s power output can vary across different variants and generations. The vehicle has evolved with each generation, aiming to deliver improved design, features, and performance.

Mahindra Scorpio sales hit nearly 12,000 units in September 2023

The older (previous generation) Scorpio now offered as Scorpio Classic saw an increase in price by Rs. 25,000 in September 2023, but they still offer a competitive and compelling choice for SUV enthusiasts.

The Mahindra Scorpio Classic is available in two variants, S and S11, with seating capacity for 7 to 9 passengers, depending on your requirements. Its engine, with 2184 cc capacity and 130.07 Bhp power, ensures a drive that’s both smooth and powerful. As for the price range, the ex-showroom price of the Scorpio Classic is between Rs. 13.25 lakh and Rs. 17.06 lakh, offering good value for its class.

The Scorpio is a reminder of the strength and innovation that Mahindra has consistently brought to the Indian automotive industry. It continues to be a symbol of trust and reliability for Indian car buyers. The SUV is known for its tough build, reliability and rough and tough image. With the Scorpio-N, Mahindra has made this SUV quite luxurious as well.

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