Mahindra Scorpio-N suspension breaks after a week of purchase: Wheel comes off [Video]

Another Mahindra Scorpio-N customer recently shared his ordeal with his new car after the suspension broke within just 2 weeks of purchase. The incident, posted on T-BHP, reveals how the suspension gave way while driving the car.

The car owner expresses his pride in being a Scorpio-N owner but soon regrets his decision, feeling it wasn’t such a great one after all. He received the car on August 8th and used it primarily for commuting within the city and driving to work.

On August 16th, while parking the car after a shopping trip, his wife urgently shouted, “Stop, stop, the tire came loose!” Startled, the owner exited the car to find the tire at a 45-degree angle. Unable to move the vehicle, and with it being 8:30 PM, the dealership couldn’t provide immediate assistance at that hour.

As the Scorpio-N obstructed the way, the owner and a few others managed to push the wheel back into place and slowly moved the vehicle to the parking lot. The next day, he contacted the dealership to request a mechanic but was turned down since it was 30 km away. He then called for Roadside Assistance.

Mahindra Scorpio-N suspension breaks after a week of purchase: Wheel comes off [Video]

However, the owner subsequently got in touch with the General Manager of the dealership from which he purchased the car, ensuring a mechanic was dispatched to his location. The mechanic arrived, temporarily fixed the issue, and enabled the owner to drive the vehicle to the service centre.

Mahindra Scorpio-N suspension breaks after a week of purchase: Wheel comes off [Video]

The owner expresses disappointment with the car, despite it being considered one of the safest in the market. He emphasizes that if this had happened at a higher speed, an accident would have been inevitable.

Mahindra replaced the parts for free

While the Mahindra dealership replaced several parts for free, including the entire front suspension (both left and right components), the brake hose, and the front wheel that suffered scratches due to the incident, Mahindra has yet to provide a detailed report on what occurred.

The owner believes that aside from this single issue, the car is performing well, indicating that it might be a quality control problem on Mahindra’s part. More information will hopefully be available when the dealership or the service centre releases further details.

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