Mahindra Scorpio N, Scorpio Classic, XUV700 And Thar account for company’s 2.06 Lakh Pending Bookings

Mahindra’s reign in the Indian SUV segment continues to be fueled by robust demand, with four popular models – the Scorpio N, Scorpio Classic, XUV700, and Thar – accounting for a staggering 2.06 lakh pending bookings as of February 2024. This impressive figure underscores the automaker’s success in catering to diverse buyer preferences and highlights the strong brand loyalty enjoyed by these iconic vehicles.

Scorpio Takes the Lead: Classic & N Combined (1.01 Lakh Bookings)

The legendary Scorpio nameplate continues to be a crowd favorite, with the combined bookings for the Scorpio N and Scorpio Classic exceeding 1.01 lakh units. The Scorpio N, launched in June 2023, has garnered 55,000 bookings with its modern design, powerful engine options, and premium features.

mahindra scorpio classic 0

The Scorpio Classic, which retains the traditional charm of the older generation, has received 46,000 bookings, showcasing its enduring appeal amongst those seeking a rugged and reliable SUV. This combined demand translates to an average of 16,000 bookings per month, solidifying the Scorpio’s position as a dominant force in the Indian market.

XUV700: The Feature-Packed SUV (35,000 Bookings)

Mahindra XUV7000
Mahindra XUV7000

The Mahindra XUV700, known for its tech-laden features and spacious cabin, has garnered 35,000 bookings since its launch in September 2021. This demand highlights the growing preference for feature-rich SUVs in the Indian market. The XUV700’s waiting period currently ranges up to 6.5 months, indicating the strong demand for this premium offering. Mahindra has recently updated the XUV 700 and added some new features and improvements to the SUV.

Thar: The Off-Road Icon (71,000 Bookings)

Maruti Suzuki Jimny vs Mahindra Thar sales

The iconic Mahindra Thar, synonymous with adventure and off-road capability, continues to attract a loyal following. The Thar, available in both diesel and petrol variants, including the popular rear-wheel-drive option, boasts 71,000 bookings. This strong demand reflects the increasing interest in SUVs that offer both everyday practicality and weekend escapes. Mahindra is coming up with the Thar 5 door soon and with the launch of that the number of bookings will increase significantly.

What Drives the Demand?

Several factors contribute to the popularity of these Mahindra SUVs. The brand’s strong heritage, robust build quality, and competitive pricing are key attractions. Additionally, Mahindra’s focus on offering a diverse range of options across various segments, from the rugged Thar to the feature-packed XUV700, caters to a wider audience.

To address the high demand and reduce waiting periods, Mahindra is ramping up production across its manufacturing facilities. However, ongoing supply chain challenges and the global chip shortage continue to pose hurdles. The company is also exploring strategies to improve production efficiency and optimize inventory management.

With a strong order book and continued demand for its SUV portfolio, Mahindra is well-positioned for continued growth in the Indian market. The company’s focus on innovation, product development, and customer satisfaction is expected to further solidify its position as a leading player in the segment.


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