Louise Carrigg the new face of Barry Plant

Barry Plant Ringwood & Heathmont, Director Louise Carrigg is the new face of the brand’s latest marketing campaign after successfully building her business with a people-first approach.

The Announcement:

Through visionary leadership, Barry Plant Ringwood & Heathmont director and auctioneer Louise Carrigg has propelled her office to unprecedented heights and is now being recognised as the face of Barry Plant’s latest brand campaign, post last year’s striking rebrand of the iconic Melbourne agency. 

The impact of the campaign has been widespread and immediate, with the visibility bringing a new level of recognition and engagement to the real estate group, who have gained significant market share over the past year. 

“It’s been both fun and unexpected, especially when my kids spot the ads and excitedly shout out or we receive the ‘spotted’ messages from friends and family,” Ms Carrigg said. 

“But more importantly, being recognised by our local community fills me with a huge amount of pride for the work we do and the recognition we are earning.” 

Joining the industry in 2012, Ms Carrigg assumed the reins of the Heathmont and Ringwood Barry Plant business two years later, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. 

As a trailblazing female director within the network, Ms Carrigg has been an inspiration to her peers, setting a precedent for success and a new standard around culture within the industry. 

Turning the usual industry story on its head, Ms Carrigg’s husband Chris joined her in the business after a successful finance career to run the back-end operation. 

February 2024 marked a historic moment for the office as it celebrated its best month in sales commission in a decade. 

What set Ms Carrigg and her team apart is their commitment to consistency and inclusivity over a 12-year period. 

In an industry characterised by volatility, Ms Carrigg’s steadfast leadership has ensured that the office maintains a consistent level of energy, focus, and commitment, driving both individual and collective growth for more than a decade. 

With the natural highs and lows of the property market, maintaining consistency is no easy feat, but it can be done, according to Ms Carrigg. 

“Real estate is like a rollercoaster and you have to learn to ride it,” she said. 

“Celebrate the wins, address the challenges, but swiftly, take rest – most need to learn the hard way, about overworking and burning out, but the quicker you learn to balance work and life cohesively, the better off you’ll be.” 

The mum-of-two emphasises the importance of nurturing a supportive culture within the team, focusing on individual goals and fostering a collaborative spirit, beyond competition. 

Her approach to team-building is centred around hiring people who resonate with the office’s culture. 

Rather than focusing solely on business objectives, Ms Carrigg prioritises the personal and professional growth of her team members, creating an environment where success is measured by collective achievements, which in turn helps the business to thrive. 

Throughout her tenure, Ms Carrigg has remained steadfast in her commitment to putting people first, whether it’s colleagues, clients, or the community at large. 

“You will very rarely catch me saying ‘I’, it’s all about ‘We’ in our office,” she said. 

“Leading by example is something I stay true to, you’re only as good as your people and they are what matters most of all. 

I have never been a numbers person, it’s the stakeholder that matters most, not the dollar signs at the end of it.” 

Group CEO Lisa Pennelll said Ms Carrigg is an effervescent and inspiring leader. 

“Louise is a shining example of excellence in leadership in both our network and industry, as well as a driving force for equality in the Barry Plant Group,” Ms Pennell said 

“It’s only fitting she has been the face of our most recent brand campaign, establishing our identity post the Barry Plant rebrand as a progressive group that embraces fairness, ethics, high performance, and genuine care for all.” 

As Ms Carrigg continues to lead Barry Plant Heathmont & Ringwood into the future, her dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and community will undoubtedly continue to inspire and elevate the industry as a whole.

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