Live Dowry Announcement At Noida Wedding: Toyota Fortuner, Mercedes, 1.25 Kg Gold, 72 Lakh Cash, Flat [Video]

The practice of dowry in India was made illegal in India back in 1961. However, despite it being a punishable law, this act has been thriving in the country. Recently, under the pretext of “gifts,” a video showing the exchange of dowry at a wedding ceremony has become viral on the internet. In this particular video, a person was seen announcing the list of “gifts” exchanged between the families of the bride and groom. As part of these “gifts,” the groom’s family received a Mercedes-Benz E200 luxury sedan, a Toyota Fortuner SUV, 1.25 kg of gold, and 7 kg of silver.


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Dowry disguised as “gifts”

This particular video has been shared on Instagram by Vinit Bhati on their page. In this short video, a person was seen holding a sheet of paper from which he was reading out loudly the list of “gifts” that were exchanged. The person announcing this in the video started by mentioning that 2 tables, 1 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, 1 Toyota Fortuner, 1.25 kg of gold, and 7 kg of silver are being gifted. Following this, another person announces that Rs 51 lakh and Rs 21 lakh have also been given for the occasion of the wedding.


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Another video shared also repeats the list of the same gifts along with an additional Rs 1 crore for the ritual of “Kanyadan”. Apart from this gift announcement video, the profile has also shared a number of videos showing this extravagant wedding and the “gifts” mentioned. One of the videos shows the Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan which has been gifted. It was finished in a shade of white, and the video also showed the white-colored Toyota Fortuner SUV.

Is this legal?

Technically, gifting between families of the bride and groom is not illegal. However, asking for dowry directly or indirectly is illegal. It is punishable by law, and anyone caught doing this can get a six-month imprisonment as punishment, and it can be extended to 2 years. Additionally, for those who may not be aware, giving dowry is also a punishable act. The person who has shared this particular video in a number of different posts has mentioned that these are “gifts” and not dowry.

Netizens’ reactions

The person has turned off the comments on a number of posts that have been shared showing this exchange of gifts. However, many netizens have mentioned that these are not gifts and this live dowry exchange is pathetic. They have also mentioned that this is not a wedding being taken place, instead, it is a business deal which is being done between two families.

Funny wedding gift

Petrol wedding gift

In a more light-hearted and thoughtful wedding gift story, a unique gift was given to a couple from Tamil Nadu back in September of 2018. In this particular wedding, a group of friends of the groom gifted him and his newly wedded wife a total of 5 liters of fuel. This was done when the price of fuel climbed to Rs 85 per liter in 2018. Ever since then, the price of fuel has even reached Rs 105 in a number of cities in the country. This story of the groom’s friends gifting fuel went viral back in 2018.

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