Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless Explain Their Very Wholesome Friendship

Wayne: Man, so long ago. I met a tattoo artist from Miami who asked if I wanted to do a suit. I was like, “What is that?” They said, Whole body. I was literally falling asleep during one session. She woke me up and said she needed, like, five more ideas and I could go back to sleep. She looked up at the TV and said, “You watch this all the time.” I damn sure do. She said she could put ESPN on me, I said cool, went back to sleep.

Bayless: Unbelievable. I have none. But I love his. They look way better on him than they would on me.

Maybe if the Cowboys pull it out this year, you get a Super Bowl champion tattoo?

Bayless: I would hate to go on the record with that one.

Skip, how much did you know about Wayne’s career? Were you listening to his mixtapes?

Bayless: I grew up on ‘60s rock n’ roll.

Wayne: Hell yeah.

Bayless: Beatles, Rolling Stones, hard core rhythm and blues. Then, I got into Nelly with Country Grammar.

Wayne: Big bro.

Bayless: Big bro. I like Biggie over Tupac. I like “Juicy,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” but I didn’t connect with Wayne’s genius work until Carter III. That was before I knew you, but it got me, because it’s non-stop, wall-to-wall genius. Just all-time song after all-time song.

Wayne: I appreciate that. That one stands out for a lot of people.

Bayless: “A Milli” and “Lollipop” got me. I couldn’t get them out of my brain.

Wayne: That whole album changed me as an artist as well. I wasn’t willing to accept no one’s ideas or opinions when it came to music. But I ran into this guy named Static Major, who played “Lollipop” for me. I told him I don’t do other people’s lyrics. But I changed it up and put my own spin on it. The rest is history.

Bayless: And right on the heels of that, he came to Bristol.

Wayne: I used to be there a lot! I’ve slept on campus!

Wayne and Angel Reese at the 2023 ESPYs

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Skip, is Wayne’s music part of your workout playlist? I know you’re a big fitness guy.

Bayless: “A Milli” and “Lollipop” definitely get my juices flowing.

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