Lifted Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with massive chrome alloy wheels [Video]

The number of automotive enthusiasts in India is increasing at a very rampant rate. This has led to a lot more people buying new vehicles and modifying them. One of the newest and most popular vehicles currently on the market is the new Maruti Suzuki Jimny lifestyle off-roader. In the last few months, a ton of enthusiasts have bought them and have modified them to make theirs unique. Recently, a video of one such heavily modified Maruti Suzuki Jimny has been shared online. This one, in particular, is the only one in India with a set of massive chrome wheels.

This video of India’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny with chrome alloy wheels has been shared on YouTube by Modified Hub on their channel. It starts off with the presenter and the owner of the Jimny taking his SUV to the shop where the wheels were changed. The presenter first shows the number of options for alloy wheels in the shop which he visits. He mentions that the shop owner offers genuine alloy wheels which are of superior quality. After the introduction of the shop, he goes to show the fitment process of his Jimny.

The presenter, before showing the wheels, talks about making a few short videos. After this, the owner of the shop takes the Jimny to another spot, and finally, the grand reveal of the new wheels is done. The presenter shows the brand-new 20-inch chrome alloy wheels fitted with some meaty off-road tires. He mentions that this is the first-ever Jimny in India which has been fitted with a set of chrome 20-inch alloy wheels. He shows the front, side, and rear of the vehicle with the new wheels on.

Why you should not put massive wheels on SUVs?

Lifted Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with massive chrome alloy wheels [Video]

Now we will agree that bigger wheels and tires on SUVs look very cool and impressive. However, it’s not advisable for everyone to do the same. There are a few good reasons for that. First of all, oversized wheels can compromise safety by affecting handling, stability, and braking performance. They can also lead to a less comfortable ride, increased maintenance costs, and, worst of all, reduced fuel efficiency.

Apart from these, if not chosen correctly, bigger wheels and tires can hinder the off-roading capabilities of an SUV, just like in this particular scenario. These shiny chrome wheels may look impressive on the road; however, they cannot be used for serious off-roading, as they are not meant to do that. Also, these bigger alloy wheels and tires require a significant financial investment.

Lifted Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with massive chrome alloy wheels [Video]

Lastly, another one of the major issues with these bigger wheels is the legality side of things. In general, car modification is banned in India, and these bigger wheels and tires are an invitation for unnecessary fines. Apart from these issues, they also void the warranty of a stock vehicle.

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