Legendary Rally Driver Ken Block’s Family Races On

And despite having only limited professional racing experience under their belts, Lucy and Lia have been posting some impressive results. Lucy has scored podiums in the ARA’s limited four-wheel-drive class, while Lia—who only got her driver’s license late last year—has been absolutely crushing it, winning the past three races and currently leading her class in the ARA championship.

Lia’s success even landed her an invite to join Extreme E, a global, electric off-road racing series with teams owned by McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, and the Andretti family, among other major names.

“I’ve definitely been amping up my skill level for sure, and it’s all about confidence for me,” says Lia, who’s been performing racing stunts on camera since she was 13. “I feel like I have something to prove in my rally.”

The highlight of the year, however, undoubtedly came at Pikes Peak. Even completing the prestigious race is considered one of the most difficult achievements in motorsports. The event had been near and dear to Ken’s heart, and he often spoke of it as the very first race that captured his imagination as a child.

Ken was slated to compete at the hill climb last year for the first time in his career, but an engine problem forced him to withdraw. Gelsomino says that this year represented “unfinished business”: Ken had planned to pilot an incredible 1,400-horsepower Porsche 911, which he called the “Hoonipigasus” (a play on his race team’s name, Hoonigan Racing Division), up the mountain.

But in the wake of Ken’s passing, Lia volunteered to drive the Hoonipigasus up Pikes Peak instead, as a tribute. Even though she had little preparation time, she pulled out a solid ride, navigating the mountain’s notorious blind turns with confidence.

“It was obviously my dad’s dream to bring that car up to the top of Pikes Peak,” Lia says. “This was a great way to fulfill that dream and see how the race works without having to put in a competitive time.”

For Gelsomino, it was a particularly touching moment.

“There’s a great video that shows Lia racing that car, and then it jumps to footage of Ken driving it,” he says. “Let me tell you: It’s pretty emotional. That’s deep stuff right there.”

Lucy paid tribute to her husband in a different way. She piloted a Sierra Echo EV, powered by a Hypercraft all-electric drivetrain, up the mountain, decked out in a striking livery reminiscent of Ken’s famous 2020 Ford Escort Cosworth V2.

The small, buggy-like car packed some serious speed. Electric vehicles have consistently proven to be the fastest type of car at Pikes Peak, where the high altitudes don’t seem to impact them as they do a typical combustion engine. Adding to the significance, Ken had long been an advocate of electric vehicles, even releasing an “Electrikhana” video late last year.

“As sports fans, we’re always looking to be inspired by new capabilities, new technologies, and new personalities,” says Jake Hawksworth, the CEO of Hypercraft, who collaborated closely with Lucy on the setup of the car, creating a vehicle he believes is capable of setting an all-time record up the mountain. “Both Lucy and Ken have been supportive of EV technology and what it means for motorsports and performance. So it really set the stage for her to take an exciting run at history in that all-electric Sierra.”

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