Legal tinted glass can be installed on cars: Here’s a demo on a Volkswagen Polo [Video]

Tinted windows and sunfilms are actually illegal on cars in India. We have seen several drives by various state police to just nab offenders. The sun films on cars were actually banned by the Supreme Court back in 2012. Back then, the Supreme Court stated that crimes against women, kidnapping, and assault were being increasingly carried out in cars with black window film or sun films. This was one of the major reasons for the ban. However, there are manufacturers who offer tinted glasses from the factory that help in bringing down the cabin temperature and also block UV rays. These glasses are called UV cut glasses and are not illegal. Here, we have a video of a Volkswagen Polo GT TSI owner who is seen installing these glasses.

The video has been uploaded by Prerak Kataria. The owner of the Polo GT TSI starts by talking about the legality of the glasses. He can be heard saying that this is not against the existing rules, and later, he also talks about the price and shows how he installed them. These glasses can be bought from a Volkswagen service center if needed; however, it would cost around Rs 12,000-14,000, including labor charges.

The vlogger, however, got the glasses from a Volkswagen Polo that came to a scrapyard near his place. This was a Polo Highline, and when he inspected the glasses, he was satisfied with the condition. He got all four glasses for around Rs 5,000. The vlogger then brought these glasses home and immediately started replacing them. He starts with the rear window as it is a bit more tricky to install.

UV cut glasses on Polo

He starts by taking out three screws that are holding the door cover in place. The cover is removed, and after that, he takes out a plastic insert that is holding the glass in one place. This step has to be done carefully, as the glass can break very easily. The power window button was disconnected after rolling the window down to avoid any issues. After this, he started taking out the weather strip and rubber beading around the window. These are actually wedged between the metal and plastic panels.

After taking this out, the window glass was smoothly taken out. The vlogger repeated the same thing with the front windows, and he removed the glass from there as well. He then took the newly procured glasses and installed them. He then installed everything back in place and was happy with the final product. He found that the car was way more appealing to look at with the new glasses. He also noticed that his older glasses had a lot of scratches, and the recently bought ones were in mint condition. He was extremely happy with the overall work he did. The vlogger, after installing the new glasses, analyzes the performance. He mentions that the car’s cabin is now a lot cooler, and the sun doesn’t feel too strong as well. It is actually extremely good, and he was happy that he got them installed.

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