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Learning Opportunity: Lean Flow Workshop Coming to Florida This Month

FlowVision is coordinating a two-day workshop on lean flow implementation that will take place Sept. 26-27 at Container Centralen-CC Racks’ depot in Apopka, FL. Participants can take part in a thorough discussion on techniques, and can also engage in hands-on workshops on designing a lean flow process.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Why implement lean flow?
  • Standard operation worksheets
  • Load optimization
  • Resource planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Line management
  • Inventory and availability, and more.

The event also includes a tour of Container Centralen’s depot that will offer insights that can aid growers in reducing supply chain waste.

To register for the workshop, call 561-301-8740, or email FlowVision’s Gary Cortés at [email protected].

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