Late-Season Poinsettia Height Management Strategies

Griffin Poinsettias

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Growing poinsettias presents a unique set of challenges, including managing plant height. At the end of the season, plant growth regulators (PGRs) can make or break a truly outstanding crop. PGRs offer a multitude of benefits when it comes to producing quality poinsettias. Some of the benefits of using PGRs are:

  • Optimal finish plant height
  • Crop uniformity
  • Reduced stretching/managed plant architecture
  • Increased bract/flower size
  • Longer shelf life

There are several options of PGRs to consider when planning for the end of the season. For increasing plant size and bracts, Fascination or Fresco can be valuable tools. Fascination and Fresco are dual active ingredient plant growth accelerators containing gibberellins and cytokinin. The result is a PGR with the potential to safely add height, expand bracts, and overcome PGR overdoses when used as directed.

For controlling overall growth, use Bonzi. Paclobutrazol, the active ingredient in Bonzi, is an effective, long residual growth retardant, especially when applied as a drench. Due to the high activity of these products, it’s important to prepare drench solutions carefully and apply the appropriate volume per container based on container size. Altercel (previously named Cycocel) can also be used as an effective PGR to reduce stem elongation in poinsettia when applied as a spray, however, these applications should cease before bract transition occurs.

Using PGRs is the primary chemical strategy for maintaining optimal plant size and ensuring your poinsettias are the stars of the season.

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