Kylie Kelce Explains How Jason Helps Her Keep Her Cool While Parenting

Kylie Kelce knows a thing or two about the nitty-gritty of parenthood. Mom to three daughters — Wyatt (4), Elliotte (2), and Bennett (11 months) — Kylie works to keep a calm head, often tagging in her husband — NFL star, Jason Kelce — for support. Kylie, who often appears quite zen and laid back, admits to losing her sh*t every so often because, as she says, “We’re all just figuring it out as we go.”

Kylie chatted with Scary Mommy over Zoom to talk about being married to the “ultimate girl dad,” her dream Super Bowl dessert spread (Kylie partnered with premium chocolate maker, Lindt ahead of the big game), and some of her best Disney travel tips for parents.

Scary Mommy: You recently visited Disney World with your family, and when asked your top travel recommendation, you said, “Have a Mama Kelce.” So, besides that, because you know, not everyone can have a Mama Kelce, what’s your top advice for parents for planning a trip?

Kylie Kelce: So, I would say the other tip, which I thought about after the fact, was we made sure going into Disney specifically, was to ensure that all of our kids could be seated and strapped in at some time.

I was so happy to see that they wanted to get out and walk around and sort of enjoy themselves in different ways and exhaust some energy, right? Like that’s really important. But, for safety purposes, I think that having the ability to say like, ‘Everybody in seats! We’re moving!’ was super, super important.

SM: And it’s a good napping spot, right?

KK: Outstanding napping spot. Our youngest hit it a couple of times.

SM: I actually had the pleasure of chatting with your mother-in-law last week! And she said that she had actually learned a lot about parenting from you.

KK: Oh gosh! That’s very kind.

SM: She said it was amazing to watch your girls take deep breaths and calm themselves down. Do you have one piece of parenting advice that you would give to a new parent?

KK: I think that it would be to share the revelation that I had when Jason and I became parents, which was that you think growing up that parents know all, right? Like that they have this figured out. They know the way of the world. They have all the information and come to find out — nobody knows what they’re doing. Not a single person.

We’re going to figure this out as we go. And hopefully, make some very well-rounded human beings who are kind and considerate and all the things that are like, the most important that you hope you instill.

SM: That’s like the big secret, right? Suddenly you’re a parent, you’re like, ‘Why did nobody tell me that you all are just winging this?’

KK: Absolutely. That’s exactly what it is.

SM: We probably know where you’re going to be for the Super Bowl this year, but if you were planning a party at your house, what are the top snacks or go-to desserts that you would serve?

KK: Lindor Truffles has hit the nail on the head with this one. We’ve always been the sort of plan for all of the salty snacks, right? So like we always have tomato pie. We always have usually wings because they’re one of my husband’s favorite foods.

Sometimes we’ll get a little fancier with sliders. Usually, there’s at least one dip involved. But outside of that, I think that the thing that sort of gets forgotten is dessert because you’re just sort of sitting there snacking. But I think Lindor Truffles is the absolute perfect addition because you can get multiple flavors.

SM: Switching gears! You’re a mom of three under five. You just seem very zen, laid back, and unfazed by most things, whether it’s Jason acting up or whatever. Is there a Kylie limit? How do you stop yourself from not just absolutely losing your sh*t with three young kids and an extremely extroverted husband?

KK: I will say, it’s not the crying, right? It’s the whining. It’s like forks in your ears, and so there are times where I will literally have to be like, ‘Jason, I need you to tag in here.’

I find that Bluey is a really good example. First of all, terrible example of parenting because they’re always dialed in, but at the same time when Chilli was like, ‘I need 10 minutes.’ I’m like, ‘Girl, me too!’

Like two days ago, all three girls were holding snacks, even our littlest, holding snacks, and they were in a line to get me to open them. And I was like, ‘Dad is sitting right there.’ But that’s the way mom works, right? Like, ‘I know mom will open it. Dad might take a minute, but mom will open it right now.’

As much as the girls are like, ‘Mom, mom, mom, mom!’ I will oftentimes be like, ‘Hey, J, can you tag in here? Like, I need five minutes.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, absolutely.’ And then I come downstairs and everyone’s doing way better than when I left.

The key is recognizing it, but sometimes I don’t recognize it. Sometimes, I yell loud enough that the neighbors can probably hear me. And that’s okay too.

SM: So, you do lose your sh*t sometimes.

KK: 1000% — we all do.

SM: Speaking of Jason, the public has deemed him the “ultimate girl dad.” What’s your favorite part of watching him in fatherhood?

KK: Anytime I see him interact with the girls, I’m like, ‘This is amazing.’ I know the relationship that I had with my dad and like, I’m still very, very close with him. And so, to see our girls fostering that relationship with Jason, and Jason being an active partner in fostering that relationship is so beautiful.

I would say there are a few things that he does very, very well, specifically getting them to eat food that I cannot talk them into. It’s so complimentary where I’m like, ‘I cannot get them to eat this dinner,’ and then I leave the room, come back, and all of a sudden they’re like taking forkfuls of fried rice to the face. And I’m like, ‘I don’t need to know how you did it, but I love you for it.’

He’s just the fun dad — like he’ll build slides in the living room. He does the forts. He’s very hands-on when it comes to like, launching them onto the couch. Which is something that mom would be like, ‘Someone’s gonna get hurt!’

This interview has been edited lightly for length and clarity.

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