Kinetic eLuna EV Electric Two Wheeler launched At Rs. 70,000

Kinetic has unveiled the E-Luna, an electric version of the legendary Kinetic Luna moped. Priced at an introductory rate of Rs 69,990 for the X1 base variant and Rs 74,990 for the X2 variant (ex-showroom), the E-Luna marks a pivotal moment in India’s transition towards sustainable transportation.

Retaining the essence of the beloved Luna, the E-Luna combines vintage charm with modern features. With its circular headlamp, simplistic digital instrumentation, and a handy UBD charging port, the moped pays homage to its iconic predecessor while embracing contemporary design elements. Additionally, its removable rear seat adds versatility, catering to diverse commuting needs.

Underneath its classic exterior lies a powerful 1.2 kW hub-mounted motor, energized by a 2 kWh battery pack. Boasting a peak torque output of 22 Nm, the E-Luna ensures swift acceleration and efficient performance. Thanks to the included portable charger, riders can recharge the moped to full capacity in just four hours, making it ideal for daily urban commutes.

Kinetic eLuna EV Electric Two Wheeler launched At Rs. 70,000

Crafted on a sturdy steel chassis and equipped with reliable suspension components, including a telescopic fork setup at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear, the E-Luna prioritizes rider comfort and stability. Its 16-inch wire-spoke wheels provide excellent traction, while drum brakes on both ends ensure precise control and safety.

With a commendable range of 110 km on a single charge, a top speed of 50 kmph, and the ability to tackle gradients of up to 7 degrees, the Kinetic E-Luna is tailored for urban commuting. Accommodating a payload of up to 150 kg and weighing 96 kg, the moped strikes a perfect balance between agility and capability.

While priced slightly higher than traditional mopeds like the TVS XL100, the Kinetic E-Luna offers superior features and eco-friendly credentials. Its electric propulsion system aligns with India’s growing emphasis on clean and sustainable transportation solutions, making it an attractive option for environmentally conscious commuters.

Enthusiasts eager to embrace the future of urban mobility can secure their E-Luna by booking through Kinetic’s official website. With a nominal booking amount of Rs 500, riders can embark on a journey towards eco-friendly commuting, setting new standards for sustainability in the Indian automotive landscape.

The launch of the Kinetic E-Luna marks a significant milestone in India’s electric mobility journey, promising a greener, more sustainable future for urban commuters across the country. Also, this is the second iconic product that has been electrified. The first was the Bajaj Chetak, which got a new lease of life a couple of years ago, through an electric variant.

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