Kim Ng will not return as Marlins GM in 2024

Kim Ng will not return as general manager of the Miami Marlins in 2024, chairman and principal owner Bruce Sherman announced Monday. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Although the club exercised Ng’s team option to return for the 2024 season, she declined, Sherman said.
  • Ng’s departure comes nearly two weeks since the Marlins reached the postseason for the first time in three years. Miami’s postseason was short-lived after it was defeated by the Philadelphia Phillies in two games in the Wild Card Series.
  • However, it was a significant moment for Ng and baseball as she became the first female general manager to lead a major-league team to the playoffs.
  • The Marlins hired Ng, MLB’s first female GM, in November 2020.

Ng’s shocking departure

Inside baseball, news of Ng’s departure was a shocking way to start the week. The team just made the playoffs for the first time in Ng’s tenure, and Ng had been around for only three seasons, a short time. What exactly went down isn’t yet clear, but there are early indications a contract dispute was involved. Per a Miami Herald report last month, Ng’s deal expired after this season.

Then, on Monday morning, Sherman said he had picked up the Marlins’ side of a mutual option for 2024, but Ng declined to exercise her end of it. (Both parties need to agree when a mutual option is in play.) Ng might not have wanted to return without security beyond one more season, without a multiyear deal. What wasn’t immediately known, however, is where any presumed discussions around a long-term extension fell apart. — Evan Drellich, MLB senior writer

What’s next?

In the end, Ng’s exit brings a surprising end to the tenure of the first woman to titularly run a baseball operations group in a sport, a major development in a sport where front offices have long been homogenous and effectively exclusionary.

Her exit also puts her old team in the mix for a new department head, creating potential competition for the Boston Red Sox in that quest. And Ng, obviously, is free to take a job somewhere else. — Drellich

What they’re saying

“We thank Kim for her contributions during her time with our organization and wish her and her family well,” Sherman said in a statement.

Sherman added that the team’s search for “new leadership” begins immediately.

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