Kia Sonet owner spends an eye-popping Rs. 29 lakh to upgrade music system of the SUV

Kia Sonet is one of the most popular sub-4-meter compact SUVs in our market. It competes with cars like the Hyundai Venue and Maruti Brezza in the segment. It is one of the most feature-loaded SUVs in the segment. The top model even offers a speaker system from Bose. While many enjoy the stock speakers in cars, there are many who prefer to upgrade the stock unit with an aftermarket unit. There are a variety of options available in the market. Here, we have a Kia Sonet owner who installed an aftermarket music system in the car that was actually more expensive than the car itself. The overall cost of this music system upgrade project was around Rs 29 lakh, which is much more than the price of the car itself. This is probably the only Kia Sonet in the country to have a music system that is this expensive.

Kia Sonet

The owner shared the details of his music system on Team-Bhp. He mentions in the article that he has always been passionate about the music system in his car. In all the cars that he has purchased in the past, he has upgraded the music system. He mentions in the post that he has treated his car as his solace, his own space, his escape, and his quick vacation from the mundane – his absolute inner sanctum. And for him, the quality of music in his inner sanctum takes precedence and priority over everything else. The cost of the vehicle doesn’t matter in this case.

Kia Sonet owner spends an eye-popping Rs. 29 lakh to upgrade music system of the SUV
Amps & subs installed in the boot

After taking delivery of his Kia Sonet, he took the car to SpeedFreaks in Chennai. He has known this shop for over a decade and has faith in them as he has opted for their services in the past. He went to their new dealership in Ambattur. He discussed his needs with the expert. He was clear that he wanted a musical-sounding system. He mentions that he is a person who always chooses his speakers first. High-end audio was his priority, and the amount was not an issue. He checked speakers from Audiocircle pro line, Audison Thesis, Brax, and Focal Utopia M for his car. He finally opted for Focal Utopia M.

He was already sure that he wanted a Brax DSP for his car. Before the speakers and other components were installed, the whole car was damped. This is usually done to decrease road noise and improve audio quality. This was done scientifically, and the noise levels are now very low. The car actually received six layers of dampening on the doors and many other parts of the car. There was minor fabrication work done on the door pads to install mid-bass. Most of the components installed on this car were mostly imported. The car gets one 4XS amplifier and 2 Groundzeros. The 4XS is running on a fully biased class A setup and powers the Focal Beriliyum Tweeters and the Midrange. One 2XS powers the Mid Bass, and the other one powers the Utopia Sub.

Kia Sonet owner spends an eye-popping Rs. 29 lakh to upgrade music system of the SUV
Groundzero amp

The owner mentions at the beginning that he is not very fond of upgrading his alloy wheels on his car, but he is ready to spend a large amount on a clear music system. That is what he has done here.

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