Kia Seltos collides with stray cattle on the road: Caught on live camera

Stray cattle and other wild animals are a problem across the highways of India. There have been numerous accidents because of these wild animals and stray cattle. Here is a live accident caught on on the dashboard camera of a Kia Seltos. The accident shows how such animals pose a threat to the safety of motor vehicles.

The video shows a Kia Seltos overtaking other slow moving trucks from the left lane. As the driver of the Kia Seltos overtakes a truck from the left and goes to the right lane, a cow jumps over the divider and hits the vehicle.

Since there were thick plantation on the divider to reduce the affect of opposite high beams, the driver could not really see the cow crossing the divider. Without any reaction time, the cow hits the right hand side of the Kia Seltos.

While the cabin of the vehicle remains intact and there are no injuries to the people travelling, the car itself got some damage. The rear dashboard camera of the Kia Seltos shows that a calf also crossed the road along with the cow. Both of them fell down on the road and the vehicles behind applied the brakes just in time to ensure that there is no impact. The cow and the calf then get up and run away from the spot.  The car got damages on the fender and the rear door.

Stray cattle are a major problem on many highways in India and there’s nothing much that has been done to remove them from the roads. A few years ago, officials in Uttar Pradesh had put high reflective tapes on the horns of the stray cattle to make them more visible at night. However, no step has been taken to remove these hazards from the road as of now.

It is always safe to drive defensively on the Indian roads and be assured of the road ahead before overtaking. One should always be sure and know about the road ahead when overtaking. Many recorded incidents in the past have shown that blindly overtaking can cause massive accidents, especially on Indian roads that are very unpredictable.

The pretty evident culprit here is the stray cow that just ran across the highway in panic. It should be noted that hitting the stray cattle might have caused bigger damage to the vehicle if it had hit the cow straight ahead. The stray animals are quite unpredictable on the roads and can go in any direction.

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