Kerala’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny with a G-Wagen bodykit looks fabulous [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Jimny was one of the most anticipated launches from Maruti this year. India became the first country to get the 5-door version of the Jimny as well. The Jimny is now a popular car among 4×4 enthusiasts, and we even have featured videos where the SUV is seen performing off-road. People who have taken delivery of the Jimny have already started modifying the car, and aftermarket body kits have also started arriving. Here we have a video of Kerala’s first Maruti Jimny that has been converted to look like a G-Wagen using aftermarket body kits.

The video has been shared by Autostarke on their YouTube channel. The video discusses all the changes and upgrades that the car received as part of the conversion. The owner of this Jimny approached the workshop with a demand to make the car look different. The video mentions that they did face a couple of challenges during the project, as most of the kits available in the market are for 3-door Jimny SUVs. They custom-made panels in places to neatly fit the parts. The stock grille on the Jimny was replaced with a unit from the G-Wagen kit. The car also received aftermarket headlamps and G-Wagen-like bumpers.

There is an orange highlight on the front grille, and the Mercedes logo on the grille is illuminated. Coming to the side profile, the car now has wider fenders, and the bonnet has also been modified. There are turn indicators on the bonnet, just like the G-Wagen. The ORVMs are the same as the Jimny; however, the side steps have been customized, and the rear fender has been partially welded to the rear door for better looks and convenience. The whole car was repainted in a shade of blue for a better appearance too.

Jimny with G-Wagen kit

The rear of the Jimny gets an aftermarket bumper along with G-Wagen-style tail lamps. The alloy wheels on this Jimny have been left untouched, and there is a roof rack installed as well. The interior of this Jimny also received several changes. The theme of the cabin has been completely changed. The owner wanted the interior to look a lot more premium. They opted for an orange shade, which we have seen in cars like the G-Wagen originally. The car gets an orange paint job on all the plastic panels on the dashboard and doors. The center console has also been repainted. They have used a special-grade paint suitable for interiors only. The seats have also been customized. The fabric seat covers have been replaced with vegan leather perforated seat covers.

This is also the only Jimny in the country to have the heated and cooled seats feature. The cushioning and lumbar support on the seats have been improved, and the rear seat recline has also been increased for better comfort. The car also comes with a throttle commander, which is a device that controls the throttle response of the vehicle. The driver can easily switch between modes to improve the performance or efficiency of the vehicle. The roof liner has also been replaced with orange alcantara-like material, and it also gets a starlight feature in it. The finished product does look premium.

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