Justin Bieber Is the King of Baggy Jeans

Allow me to cook here for a second: Justin Bieber is our era’s best jeans-wearer. Sure, fellas like James Dean and Steve McQueen deserve their place in menswear canon, and I’m not saying that The Biebz is on the same level, necessarily. But take a look at his most notable fits—not exactly a short list—and his ginormous jeans are impossible to miss.

For years now, Bieber has remained committed to his denim silhouette du jour, the bigger and baggier the better. Unlike some of his chart-topping peers, he avoids skinny jeans like the plague—ditto the groovy high-wasted flares made famous by guys like Harry Styles. Even when he’s shirking the forecast in one of his patented weather-agnostic fits, his devotion to pavement-skimming, kicks-obscuring jeans, piling over his skate shoes like a precariously stacked mound of pancakes, remains constant.

Bieber rarely deviates from his preferred light wash, but the details are where his inner denimhead is revealed. He’s been spotted in Our Legacy’s trompe l’oeil digital denim jeans, zip-off cargo jeans from Cherry LA and Supreme, and too many Balenciaga joints to name—not to mention a sea of denim from his own smiley-face-emblazoned Drew House brand. (He’s also fond of “regular” straight-fit jeans, worn several sizes too big, and cinched at the waist with nothing but a shoelace.) The only corner of the denim universe his journey hasn’t led him to is the outer reaches of the raw denim plains, but at this point, it’s only a matter of time.

Whether his humongo dungarees are taking a backseat to bug-eyed shades and kooky jewelry or the pièce de résistance of a sublime coffee run get-up, they’re always there to remind you who’s king. His eye for proportion pays tribute to some of yesteryear’s greatest fashion influencers—David Beckham’s small-shirt-big-jeans era comes to mind—and it’s no use trying to steal his crown. Instead, find your own preferred fit, stick with it long enough, and critical acclaim—and maybe even millions of fans!—will come. Below, we aggregated 15 pictures of Bieber at his denim-clad best to help you do just that.

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