John Mulaney Is Keeping the Skinny Suit Dream Alive

John Mulaney loves a suit. The comedian retired his on-stage hoodies and flannels sometime around 2010 and has never looked back. Since then, it’s been one well-tailored ensemble after another, from his stand-up specials and Saturday Night Live monologues to late-night guest appearances and beyond. And throughout the years, the cut of Mulaney’s suits has stayed as trim and neat as a pin—even in 2023, a year where the big suit has reigned supreme, he’s stuck to his slim-cut guns.

Mulaney leaving The Late Show in his slick black suit—no tie necessary.

Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin

You’d think a celebrity with access to professional stylists and designer threads might be tempted to dip their toes in the slouchy suit waters, but not Mulaney. On The Late Show last week, he appeared in an immaculate black two-piece. It looked like could’ve worn at any point in the last 10 years—sharp and slim but not suffocating. However, there were a few subtle signals that Mulaney’s sartorial habits have evolved. “So…didn’t shave. No tie. You’ve changed,” quipped Stephen Colbert. “This is not the John Mulaney I remember.” It’s an astute observation from the host. Yes, Mulaney mostly looked and dressed as he had many times before, but the details were different.

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