John Mayer Helped Make a G-Shock That's a Love Letter to Watch Fanboys

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Last October, the watch site Hodinkee kicked off a trilogy of limited-edition G-Shock collaborations with partners selected by musician—and mega-collector—John Mayer. The first was like an Avengers movie, linking three of the most powerful forces in the horological world: Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and Hodinkee. The second was with Online Ceramics, a name that probably excites fashion fans more than watch enthusiasts. Now, Mayer has unveiled his third and final collaborator, one that’s aimed directly at the most fervent of watch nerds: Hodinkee founder Ben Clymer.

While Clymer has had a hand in every one of Hodinkee’s limited edition releases, this is the very first to bear his name. “I don’t get scared of any watch,” he said with a laugh on the phone Tuesday. “I’ve been doing this for 16 fucking years. Not much can phase me at this point and stuff.” The new watch channels the website Clymer founded in every way imaginable. (Available now for $185 here)

The cool gray tone is a nod to Hodinkee’s logo, while the “NYC TYO ATL” printed across the top of the dial references the locations of the site and G-Shock’s respective HQs. The caseback is engraved with Clymer’s name, and when you press the button to activate the backlight, Hodinkee’s ‘H’ logo is illuminated at the center of the dial. All of this is integrated into what Clymer describes as the simplest and most archetypal G-Shock model: the 5600 (the same watch Online Ceramics made over). The G-Shocks that Clymer owns himself are all 5600s, he said.

While the new watch is Clymer’s ode to the site he started in 2008, he’s also infused it with plenty of IYKYK details. “This is like playing ‘Freebird,’” Clymer joked. “It’s for the base and it’s for people that have been fans of ours for a long time.” The muted shades of green that make up the dial are inspired by vintage dive watches that have already been used on other Hodinkee editions. “The green absolutely comes from an IWC that we did with them in 2018,” he said. “There are one-to-one connections to almost everything on this watch.”

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