Jeremy Allen White Can’t Stop Wearing Sweater Vests

Real-life chefs love farmers’ markets, but so do fictional chefs—and perhaps none more than The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White, who has spent much of his well-documented, strike-mandated downtime perusing Los Angeles’s numerous open-air bazaars. The actor (and distinguished New York native) is well-versed in the art of dressing down, and lately he’s really been leaning into a shoulder-season uniform of relaxed, vintage-forward basics.

Jeremy Allen White visiting a Los Angeles farmers’ market in October.

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Last month, the actor hit up the farmers’ market wearing an easygoing, hip-bicoastal-dad ensemble—a classic (and very Carmy-coded) white T-shirt layered under a vintage Lacoste sweater vest with Ghiaia khaki trousers, a rolled-up beanie, and well-trodden Adidas Sambas—to pick up a few bouquets of eucalyptus leaves and purple gomphrena, which he carried in a Bode nylon shopping bag repurposed as a grocery tote. White wore the same navy Lacoste knit and white tee combo again last week, this time swapping out the baggy khakis for a pair of washed-out blue jeans, and the beanie for his preternaturally well-worn Mets cap. The key piece here—the sweater vest—is the perfect transitional garment, ideal for all sorts of weather switch-ups. It’s also useful if you ever find yourself with a case of the ol’ “cold torso with hot arms,” so that you can insulate your vital organs but still show off your biceps. It’s a win-win!

(It should be noted, however, that White was not wearing this sweater vest when he returned to the farmers’ market with the Spanish pop star Rosalía a few days later. Rather, he was wearing a moss-green mohair cardigan from the LA skate brand Fucking Awesome.)

That said, we haven’t seen JAW rocking a fresh manicure in a while; as the actor himself pointed out in GQ’s Instagram comments over the summer, his last set came courtesy of his eldest daughter (“Shouts to my 4 yo, Ezi 💅”). Given all this gorgeous foliage he’s been picking up at the farmers’ market as of late, might we suggest some corresponding floral-inspired nail polish?

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