Jeep Compass SUV owner shares long-term ownership experience after driving 2.2 lakh km [Video]

The American SUV manufacturing giant, Jeep, is one of the most well-recognized SUV brands in the world. The company is known for creating some robust vehicles, and its most popular SUV in India is the Jeep Compass. This compact SUV is known for its durability and driving dynamics. However, there is another side to this vehicle that many may not know and it is the side of its long-term ownership. Recently, a video review of a long-term owner of the Jeep Compass made its way to the internet, and the owner shares all the good and bad experiences that he has endured with this American SUV.

The video of the long-term ownership review of the Jeep Compass has been shared on YouTube by Arun Panwar on their channel. The video starts off with an introduction by the presenter, stating that in this video, he will be asking the owner of this particular Jeep Compass for his long-term review of this SUV. He then adds that the owner of this Compass has driven over 2.20 lakh km.

The presenter starts off the interview of the owner of this Jeep Compass by asking him about the tires. The owner of the car mentions that over the last 5 years, they have changed the tires 4 times. He then adds that each time the expense was around Rs 49,000. The presenter then asks the owner about the model year and variant of the car. To this, the owner replies that it is a 2018 model year car, and it is the 4X2 limited variant. He adds that at the time, this was the top-spec variant, and there was nothing above it.

Following this, the owner mentions that as soon as they purchased the car, the facelifted model was launched by the company. The presenter then follows the question with the price paid by the owner at the time. To this, he replies that at the time, they paid around Rs 25 lakh for the car. After this, the presenter adds that currently, the top-spec variant of the Jeep Compass costs around Rs 36-37 lakh.

The presenter then asks the owner why they went for the Jeep Compass and whether there were any other options they considered before buying the Compass. To this, the owner replies that they first wanted to get the Toyota Fortuner, but at the time, it was around Rs 37 lakh. They then test drove the Compass, and they were hooked to it. They did not look at any other vehicle after that and finalized it.

Following this, the presenter and the owner of the car take a seat inside and talk about the mileage of the car. The presenter asks how this car has 2.18 lakh km on the odometer. To this, the owner answers that they are government contractors for electrical work, so they have sites all across Haryana, and they are constantly driving from one site to another. He adds that they do not stay at any location and come back home every night. This is why they have to drive all the time, and despite the lockdown, all of their cars have high mileage.

Jeep Compass SUV owner shares long-term ownership experience after driving 2.2 lakh km [Video]

Moving on, the presenter then asks about the positives and negatives of owning the Jeep Compass. The owner then starts off with the negatives. He mentions that the general service of this car is very expensive, and it costs them around Rs 8-10 thousand, which does not include any parts that might be replaced. He then states that if anything like brake pads need replacement, the bill easily gets bumped up to Rs 30-35 thousand.

Next up, he adds that the spare parts of this SUV are very hard to find and are extremely expensive. He states that recently, their screen went black, and to replace that, the company was asking Rs 2 lakh. He then states that instead of that, they just bought a Chinese music system for their car. He further added that their linkage between the gears is also broken, and sometimes the car gets stuck in a gear and does not go into any other gear. He added that the company does not have the part to replace it.

Coming to the positives of the car, he shares that the car is pretty good otherwise. The performance and handling of the Jeep Compass, according to the owner, are the best under the sub-40 lakh segment in India. He added that he and his brother absolutely love the driving feel and power of the Jeep Compass.

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