Jabberin' Jack The Pumpkin Sings A Very Raunchy Song

Around the country, unknowing parents are purchasing a talking animated pumpkin marketed to kids and families that has some pretty raunchy things to say this Halloween. And while some people are finding the crooning gourd to be totally hilarious with his highly suggestive R-rated lyrics, others are very caught off guard when the pumpkin’s infamous song comes on when kids are around.

For example, mom, teacher, and photographer Brooke Foster found her daughter on the front porch listening to the singing pumpkin, blissfully unaware that the lyrics were, well, heavily suggestive of a pumpkin getting it on with a human being.

She posted a video of it on TikTok, and it quickly went viral, netting over 3.6 million views in three days.

“This singing pumpkin had plans we didn’t need to hear,” she captioned the video.

“This seems very inappropriate,” she tells her daughter in the segment. “We’re going to turn this down. I don’t know. We bought it from Target. We’ll let him just lip sync.”

So, it turns out that this pumpkin is called Jabberin’ Jack, and you can buy him at a bunch of major retailers. You plug him in and he provides 45 minutes of songs, phrases, and animations in three different modes: spooky, traditional, and goofy. And while much of Jabberin’ Jack’s material is family-friendly, there’s this one song, “Wicked For One Night,” that is definitely not.

Here are the lyrics and the full song.

“I’ve made a lot of scaring trick-or-treaters,

It’s rewarding but I must say in the end

It tends to leave me feeling kind of empty

Even scary pumpkins need a friend.

Who wants to be wicked for one night?

Do I look mesmerizing light?

This villainous facade is just because I’m shy.

Come closer, I have a kiss for you, and it tastes like pumpkin pie.

We’ll be wicked for one night, morbid and nefarious

And when the sun goes down, ’til morning it will just be us.

How would you like to scream all night?

I’ll fill you full of fright.

Guide you with the darkest deeds —

And spoil you with my roasted pumpkin seeds.”

Please excuse me, I have to run to the store.

The thing is, the song, which was apparently written by producer and songwriter Peter McEvilley, is pretty damn catchy. And for every parent that’s been upset about Jabberin’ Jack ruining both their children’s minds and Halloween, there’s a mom who is, um, pretty into it.

“My jaw DROPPED, but I also felt properly serenaded,” one woman wrote.

“I know I have trauma cause I would take that pumpkin right upstairs,” another admitted.

“A pumpkin just set another expectation for my man,” another wrote. “Thanks.”

“He was kinda snapping tho,” someone else pointed out.

“Not me running to Target to buy this pumpkin now,” another wrote.

And some dads are into it too. It sounds like apart from “Wicked For One Night,” the pumpkin is pretty cute, too. There are tons of positive reviews and the projected animation is — um — wicked cool.

While the original viral video says that the Jabberin’ Jack pumpkin is available at Target, it doesn’t appear to be on the online store. But lots of other retailers are still selling the naughty, naughty pumpkin.

There’s also a snowman version for the Christmas holidays but at this point, we have no idea what it could possibly sing — or if the snowman is even horny and down to get down at all.

You can buy Jabberin’ Jack below.

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