IT Professional steals 2 crore rupee Porsche supercar: Arrested

In a rather peculiar incident, recently, an IT professional earning a handsome salary was arrested for stealing a Porsche sports car. Recently, it was reported from Hyderabad that the popular Telugu movie producer Dil Raju’s son-in-law’s Porsche Cayman, worth Rs 1.7 crore, was stolen. The incident took place at a five-star hotel in Hyderabad, and fortunately, the thief was caught in an hour.

What happened?

According to reports, what happened was Archith Reddy, the son-in-law of famous Telugu film producer Dil Raju, went to Hotel Daspalla in Madhapur to use the gym. He parked his Guards red-colored Porsche Cayman sports car at the hotel premises before heading inside for his workout session. However, when he returned after his workout, he found out that his Porsche was not in its place and had been stolen.

Soon after finding out this shocking news, he immediately contacted the hotel security personnel. Following this, Archith and hotel security contacted the police department. In between, the security team quickly reviewed the CCTV footage and verified that the car had indeed been stolen by an unidentified person.

It was then reported that DI Veerasekhar, DSI Rajasekhar, reached the spot and noted all the details about the incident. After this, the police began their investigation by checking nearby traffic signals and carefully analyzing the available CCTV footage. It was due to these efforts that led them to trace the Porsche’s movement, which was later spotted in various areas of Madhapur and Jubilee Hills. It was noted that the accused had jumped a signal at the Jubilee Hills check post. Soon after this, they alerted the traffic police at KBR Park, and later, the accused was stopped in the car and was detained by the authorities.

An IT professional stole Archith’s Porsche Cayman

After detaining the driver of the Porsche, he was identified as Mallela Saikiran from the Mansoorabad area of Hyderabad. It was reported that previously Saikiran was also arrested for stealing luxury cars and driving them until they ran out of fuel. It was stated that he would abandon the stolen vehicles after taking joy rides in them. He was previously booked by Banjara Hills police for similar high-end car thefts.

IT Professional steals 2 crore rupee Porsche supercar: Arrested

S Veera Shekar, Detective Inspector of Jubilee Hills, stated, “At the time of stealing the Porsche in the hotel, Kiran came on his bike and parked it close to the Porsche. He saw that the car key was inside the vehicle, and the door was unlocked. He took advantage of this and took away the car.”

Random extraordinary claims

Upon taking Saikiran into custody, it was reported by the police authorities that he began making extraordinary claims. Saikiran, under the custody of Hyderabad police, stated that he had high-level connections with the chairman of Jio Infocomm, Akash Ambani, a state cabinet minister, and even Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. He added that Hyderabad minister KT Rama Rao had instructed him to steal producer Dil Raju’s son-in-law’s Porsche Cayman sports car.

IT Professional steals 2 crore rupee Porsche supercar: Arrested

Soon after all of this fiasco, the Hyderabad police department contacted Saikiran’s family members. It was then confirmed by his close relatives that he already had a criminal history and revealed that he was not mentally ill but was, in fact, receiving treatment at the Bright Life Foundation. Now at the moment, what punishment Saikiran has been given is unknown, but this incident will not be taken casually and will be apprehended.

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