Instagrammer Gauri Virdi sits on moving Mahindra Thar’s bonnet to celebrate 1 million followers: SUV seized

The craze for social media often drives people to perform attention-grabbing stunts in a bid to gain more followers. Unfortunately, this has led to several dangerous incidents in the past. Recently, an Instagrammer from from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district, Gauri Virdi, attempted a similar stunt, which caught the attention of the police, leading to the seizure of the Mahindra Thar involved in the incident.

A video of Gauri Virdi sitting on the bonnet of the Mahindra Thar went viral on the internet. The footage shows her sitting on the bonnet while the vehicle was being driven on the National Highway.

Once the video gained widespread attention, the Dasuya Police in Hoshiarpur took swift action and issued a challan. They then proceeded to seize the vehicle. The police were able to track down the vehicle’s owner through the registration number and CCTV footage.

The Dasuya Police has stated that they have initiated legal action against both the girl and the driver of the Mahindra Thar. It is worth noting that there were other people present in the vehicle at the time of the incident as well.

Many such incidents

In another viral video, a bride could be seen sitting on the bonnet of a Tata Safari Storme, her wedding dress gracefully spread across the SUV’s bonnet. A camera person walks ahead, recording the moment.

This incident took place on a public road, causing disruptions to vehicular movement and bringing traffic to a halt. Passersby slowed down to witness the unusual sight, further adding to the traffic congestion.

Following the video’s viral spread, the police took action and issued a challan of Rs 15,500 to the car owner for various violations. The reasons for the challan could include obstructing traffic flow and endangering not only the bride’s life but also the lives of others on the road. However, the specific sections under which the lady was charged have not been explicitly mentioned by the authorities.

In a separate incident, another lady from Adyodhya was seen engaging in a similar act on a Maruti Suzuki Dzire. She sat on the car’s bonnet while it was speeding on a single-lane highway. Another girl could be seen peering out of the car’s window. As a result, the police issued a challan worth Rs 18,000 to the individuals involved in this incident.

Police using videos to issue challan

In most metropolitan cities, a robust CCTV network is now in place, diligently monitored by a team of police personnel. These cameras play a crucial role in identifying traffic violations by capturing vehicle registration numbers, leading to the issuance of appropriate challans. However, it is important to acknowledge that online challans can occasionally be erroneous, often due to faulty number plates. In such situations, individuals have the option to contest these incorrect challans through the redressal portal of the traffic police.

In recent times, the government and authorities have taken significant measures to increase the fines for traffic violations. The primary aim behind this escalation is to discourage individuals from flouting traffic rules and to enhance road safety for everyone.

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