Inside a Tucson Home Made From Thousands of Glass Bottles

Resembling an oversized Lite Bright, the home is constructed from an array of colorful glass bottles—which act a bit like bricks—and mortar. Some areas, like the dining room, are constructed using local rocks and stones, while the flooring is made from concrete and flagstone. Inside are three bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, office space, and family room. Also on the property is a guest cottage and outdoor kitchen. Mayan and Native American design influences are evident throughout the home thanks to Ted’s interests. “He had a deep love and interest for the ancient cultures and wanted to visit the places that inspired him,” Greenhalgh adds.

A bedroom nook in the main house

Photo: Jason Marrano

Despite its non-traditional construction, the home isn’t all that different to a standard one. Greenhalgh says the indoor temperature has not exceeded 83 degrees during the hottest days in Tucson, even without turning on any air conditioning. While the floors can get cold in the winter, the home does have two working fireplaces, which help warm the space.

Walkways outside offer a colorful path for guests.

Walkways outside offer a colorful path for guests.

According to Greenhalgh, guests who tour the property are often complimentary. “Its a very unique one of a kind type of build with a cavern-like feel. You’re surrounded by stones of various sizes and shapes and the colorful glass bottles that become illuminated at certain times of the day,” she says. “You don’t leave as the same person once you’ve seen it.”

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