India’s most powerful new-gen Skoda Superb modified to make 320 Bhp [Video]

The Skoda Superb is one of the most important luxury sedans in the country. The model has cemented itself as an underrated and understated luxury car in India. It has been designed to provide the utmost luxury and comfort to its driver and its passengers. However, this one Skoda Superb has been created to do something totally opposite. Recently, a video of a Skoda Superb with an engine swapped with a 2.0L engine from a Skoda Octavia VRS has been shared online. This Skoda Superb is not your average Superb; rather, it’s a 310 bhp super sedan.

The video of this insane Skoda Superb with an engine from an Octavia VRS has been shared on YouTube by The Drivers Hub on their channel. It starts off with the presenter stating that everyone is aware that the Skoda Octavia VRS is currently India’s top tuner car. Although everyone is also aware that it is a thoroughbred enthusiast car and has very stiff suspension and hardcore driving dynamics. This thing is not for everyone. So if someone wants something that can perform like a VRS but still be comfortable, here is a perfect example. The Skoda Superb with an engine from the VRS along with a stage 3 tune.

After the introduction, the presenter starts with the first and main thing about the car, which is the powertrain. The presenter opens the bonnet and mentions that this Superb’s old 1.2L engine has been replaced with a 2.0L TSI engine from the VRS. Next up, he mentions that there are a ton of other mods in the engine bay of this sedan, and for this, he will have to read them one by one from his phone as the list is so long.

The presenter then starts with the list of mods and mentions that the car comes equipped with a forged CHHA engine, upgraded valve springs, DQ259 gearbox, superb DQ250 driveshafts, and an IS20 Turbo. He further adds that the car also gets R600 Intake, 4 bar map, 5 bar T-map, APR low-pressure fuel pump, Autotech high-pressure fuel pump, Golf R injectors, CSF radiator, and lastly, a Wagner intercooler.

Next, the presenter adds that for the brakes, this Superb gets 380mm 8-piston front brakes and 350mm 6-piston rear brakes. For the wheels, this car gets Motec MC3 rims and 255/45 R19 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 3 tires. Lastly, he adds that the car also gets a custom racing catted turbo-back exhaust, Kodiaq fans, GTT engine control unit, GTT transmission control unit, sport HMI, and other coding. The presenter adds that at this point, this Superb is making around 310 bhp, but with a few more mods which the owner is planning, it will be able to push around 400-410 bhp.

India’s most powerful new-gen Skoda Superb modified to make 320 Bhp [Video]

Following this, the presenter then takes a seat inside the car. He starts off by stating that this interior is the total opposite of the Octavia VRS. The Octavia VRS interior is very hardcore with Alcantara and red stitching all around; meanwhile, this one is totally the opposite and gets leatherette seats and a dual-tone scheme with a big touchscreen infotainment system and all the other creature comforts of a Skoda Superb luxury sedan.

Lastly, the presenter takes this car for a drive and gives his driving impressions. He starts off by stating that the power in this car feels amazing. Once the accelerator is pushed, it just takes off. He adds that it’s not as compliant in the corners, but it is not meant to do that. It has been created to embarrass Mercedes and BMWs on long, straight highways. He states that the car feels exactly like a stock Superb until it’s pushed hard.

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