India’s first Skoda Kushaq compact SUV wrapped in Audi’s Nardo Grey color is here [Video]

Wrapping a vehicle is one of those modifications that falls into a grey area of legality. It is considered legal by some and illegal by many. However, despite its nature, automotive enthusiasts still do it anyway and sometimes share the process online as well. Recently, a YouTuber got his Skoda Kushaq, one of the most popular compact SUVs, wrapped in the popular Nardo Grey color and shared its video. The YouTuber talks about the legality and costs of his new wrap.

India’s first Skoda Kushaq Nardo Grey

The video of the Skoda Kushaq wrapped in Nardo Grey has been shared on YouTube by Arav Sethi on their channel. The vlogger starts off the video in his newly wrapped Skoda Kushaq while reaching his destination for the new wrap reveal. After reaching the spot and meeting up with his friends, the presenter reveals the wrap of his SUV. He mentions that he has gone with the extremely popular Audi’s Nardo Grey wrap for his Kushaq.

After showing the wrap, he goes into the details. The presenter mentions that he has also gotten his roof wrapped in the same color as well. Apart from this, he shows the front end of the SUV and states that instead of just wrapping the grille in black, he has opted for carbon fiber hydrodipping. This modification has also enhanced the look of his car, added the vlogger.

India’s first Skoda Kushaq compact SUV wrapped in Audi’s Nardo Grey color is here [Video]

He also mentions that apart from this, the headlights and the fog lights have also been lightly tinted to add to the sinister appearance. Additionally, the background of the front Skoda emblem has also been finished in red to add a pop to the monotone exterior. Lastly, he rounds it off by mentioning that all the other badges on the vehicle have been finished in satin black to complete the look.

Details about legality and costs

The presenter, after this, talks about the cost of the wrap job for his Skoda Kushaq. He explains that in general, a wrap job costs around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 for a normal vehicle at a standard detailing shop. However, some bigger shops even charge upwards of Rs 50,000. He adds that the cost also depends on the size of the vehicle as well.

India’s first Skoda Kushaq compact SUV wrapped in Audi’s Nardo Grey color is here [Video]

The presenter also states that a standard roll of wrap color is around 25 meters. In his particular car, around 21 meters were used, and he asked for the rest of the roll from the shop. He adds that as Nardo Grey differs in shade, he has kept the remaining roll in case of an emergency to wrap any damaged part.

Next up, he talks about the legality of this wrap. The presenter states that his RC says Carbon Steel Grey on it, so if cops catch him, he can tell them that it’s a grey car only with just a different shade. Now, we must add that this is not correct, and it is still illegal, as the color has been changed on the car. But just like the wrap modification as a whole, this falls into a grey area.

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