India’s first Maruti WagonR With Level 1 ADAS feature: Here’s How It Works [Video]

ADAS was considered a premium feature for cars until the last couple of years. However, things changed with the launch of the Mahindra XUV700 and MG Astor in the market. Now, almost all compact SUVs and sedans in the segment offer this feature. The main aim of ADAS in a car is to make the lives of the driver and occupants easier and safer. Even today, these features are only available in premium SUVs and sedans. Here we have a video where a Maruti WagonR gets Level 1 ADAS after installing a device. How does it work? Let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been shared by Queen on Wheels on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter or the vlogger shows a device that she has been using in her Maruti WagonR for quite some time. It is actually a dash camera which comes with Level 1 ADAS features. The dash camera comes with a screen which also acts as an infotainment system. The screen shows feeds from both the front and rear cameras and it can be installed on the front windscreen or on the dashboard using a holder that comes in the package.

The camera placed at the front monitors the road when you start driving the car, and the sensor and camera make a beeping noise if you drive too close to any car in front. If your vehicle leaves a lane, the dash cam would once again alert the driver. There are guidelines on the screen, and once any vehicle comes in or moves out of the car’s range, the system would notify the driver.

ADAS in WagonR

The system comes with ADAS features like Lane Departure Warning, Collision Alert Warning, Leading Vehicle Departure Warning, and so on. This system only gives a warning to the driver and does not apply brakes or make corrections to the steering movement at all. The front and rear cameras record high-quality video with good low-light quality. This makes things easier for the Level 1 ADAS features included in this system.

It should be noted that this is an aftermarket accessory from a brand called AOCCI, and it is compatible with almost all vehicles. The video seen here is a promotional video, and the girl presenting the video can be heard saying that she has been using this product for the last couple of months and she is extremely happy with it. While we have seen several dash cameras on the market, this is probably the first time we have come across a model that comes with ADAS-like safety features. This camera doesn’t offer all the Level 1 ADAS features but some of them.

Installing a dash camera in your vehicle is actually a good practice. With the rise in the number of vehicles on our roads, the chances of you getting involved in accidents are common. In case you want to prove your innocence in an accident, you can use the video recording from the dash camera as proof. With the rise in the number of road rage incidents, we are seeing a rise in the number of car drivers installing this.

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