India’s first Jimny to Defender conversion is here [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny was one of the most awaited 4×4 SUVs from the Indian car manufacturer this year. It was showcased at the Auto Expo and launched in the market a few months later. We were the first ones to actually get the 5-door version of the Jimny. Maruti used to manufacture the 3-door Jimny in India; however, that was meant for export purposes only. Soon after the launch, people started modifying the SUV, as a variety of aftermarket options are available for it. In this video, we have a modified Jimny 4×4 SUV that has been made to look like a mini Land Rover Defender SUV.

The video was shared by Ride with Bhawna on her YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about the modifications that Azad 4×4 has done to this SUV to make it look like a Defender. The vlogger starts by discussing the exterior changes. The front end of the SUV is where most customizations have been made. The stock headlamp of the Jimny was replaced, along with the grille. The headlamp cover on this SUV now features a design inspired by the older generation Defender.

The grille also has a similar design. Along with the front grille, the stock front bumper of the SUV has also been modified. It has been replaced with a metal off-road bumper with a metal skid plate underneath. Fog lamps are integrated into the bumper, and a pair of auxiliary lamps have also been installed on it.

Jimny converted to Defender

Azad 4×4 has also installed a functional snorkel and a faux bonnet scoop to add more muscle to the SUV. From the side profile, the Jimny 4×4 looks slightly taller than stock. That’s because it now comes with a 2-inch lift kit from Dobinsons. The original ORVMs on this Jimny were also replaced with aftermarket units. The new ORVMs come with integrated turn indicators too. Other noticeable changes on the side include a new set of 15-inch all-terrain tires. The alloy wheels on the Jimny are stock.

On the roof, there is a metal carrier, and on the rear quarter glass area, we can see two metal mounts designed to hold jerry cans. The owner has opted for a couple of genuine accessories for Maruti. As we move to the rear, we come across more modifications. The rear bumper is also an off-road spec unit. The stock tail lamps have also been replaced with aftermarket LED units.

The vlogger then moves to the interior. The owner made some minor customizations here, opting for bottle or cupholders for the SUV. They are placed right in front of the AC vents, which means the drinks will remain cold at all times. The owner also chose a tray on the dashboard. This tray is used as a space to keep or store items. The Jimny lacks storage spaces, and this accessory solves this issue. Apart from this, everything else on this Jimny remains stock, with no performance upgrades done. The Jimny does look like a Defender from some angles; however, we all know that this is not the cleanest conversion job that exists.

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