India’s first ever Mahindra Bolero with a massive V8 engine [Video]

The Mahindra Bolero is one of the most popular SUVs in the entire Mahindra lineup. It may not be the most advanced SUV in the company’s portfolio, but it is one of the most rugged and in-demand vehicles. It has been on sale in India since 2000, and despite being out for so many years, its popularity does not seem to slow down. Recently, a video of one such old Mahindra Bolero was shared online. However, it is not your average old Bolero. This one has been fitted with a massive V8 engine.

The video of the one-off Mahindra Bolero has been shared on YouTube by Modified Hub on their channel. It starts off with the presenter of the video driving his Maruti Suzuki Jimny to the shop that has custom-made this Bolero. After the introduction of the video, the presenter reaches the shop, and from there, with this Bolero and the owner of the shop, they reach an isolated location. After this, the presenter introduces the car and mentions that this is the first and only Mahindra Bolero in India with a V8 engine. The presenter, in a joking manner, also quotes a Punjabi song that mentions a car having a V8 engine.

Following the introduction, the owner of the shop adds that they will be modifying this Bolero into an extreme off-roader with their lift kit and other mods. He then adds that the highlight of this car is the V8 engine underneath its bonnet. The presenter then opens the bonnet and shows the car with the V8 engine. After showing the engine, the presenter even counts the cylinder heads to verify that it’s a V8, and soon after that, he asks the owner to turn on the car to hear the engine. The owner then starts it, and the V8 engine rumbles to life with a loud thumping noise.

After this, the presenter shows the side exit exhaust of the car on the driver’s side. He then moves to the left passenger side of the car and gets shocked after seeing that it has another exhaust exit there as well. Moving on, the presenter then asks the owner of the shop about other modifications that will be done to this car, to which the owner replies with an extensive list of things to be added to this car.

India’s first ever Mahindra Bolero with a massive V8 engine [Video]

The owner in the video tells that it is a 2005 model Bolero. In this SUV, they will be adding their shop’s own lift kit with custom shockers and springs. Additionally, they will be adding 33-inch tires and new alloy wheels as well. The owner of the shop also adds that they will be giving the car a facelift to the latest generation model to enhance its exterior aesthetics as well. The exact details of the V8 engine added to this Bolero have not been shared in the video; however, most likely it is a used engine from an American vehicle, as mostly V8s are used in American cars and they are cheap to acquire.

Are engine swaps legal in India?

India’s first ever Mahindra Bolero with a massive V8 engine [Video]

Now, after seeing this video, you might be thinking if these engine swaps are legal in India or not. So the answer is that in India, engine swaps are generally legal, but they are subject to certain regulations. According to the law, factors to consider before performing an engine swap include compliance with emission norms, safety standards, and obtaining necessary approvals from regional transport authorities.

As per the rules, the swapped engines must adhere to emissions standards specified for the vehicle’s category in which the swap is taking place. Additionally, safety features and modifications should not compromise vehicle integrity. Also, what has to be taken care of is that the change should be recorded in the vehicle’s registration documents.

India’s first ever Mahindra Bolero with a massive V8 engine [Video]

If you are one of those enthusiasts who are looking to swap the engine of your car, then it is very crucial for you to consult with local authorities and ensure compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act and state-specific regulations, as penalties for non-compliance can include fines and vehicle seizure. Now, whether this particular V8 swap is legal or not, it still remains to be a mystery.

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