India’s cleanest looking custom made Tata Estate is here [Video]

Tata Motors is currently popular among buyers for its SUVs. However, during the initial years, just like many manufacturers, Tata also tried a variety of products, including a station wagon. The station wagon was called the Estate, and it was one of the most feature-loaded vehicles of its time. However, for some reason, we Indians never liked station wagons, and it never gained popularity in the market. It is one of the most liked body styles in the West, as it is both practical and looks good too. Lately, we have been seeing a trend among youngsters who are customizing Tata Estates and Sierra SUVs. Here we have one such video of an Estate that has been customized to look like a Mercedes-Benz station wagon.

The video has been shared by Ceramic Pro Kochi. It looks like the car had arrived at the workshop for a detailing job. It is definitely one of the cleanest-looking Tata Estates that we have seen so far. It is different from all the Tata Estate projects that we have seen to date. As of now, there is not much clarity on the exact modifications that have been done to this car. The car is only unveiled in this video, and we will be explaining what is all visible here.

The first thing you would notice in this Estate is the front. The bonnet, bumper, and front grille of the station wagon were completely customized. It resembles a lot the Mercedes-Benz W124 station wagon. There is a strong bonnet line that meets the front grille. The front grille has been blacked out, and it also lacks Tata’s old logo. The headlamps and the turn indicators look the same as stock units from the Estate. However, we won’t be surprised if the customer opted for original headlamps from the W124. The bumper on this station wagon also looks different from stock.

Customised Tata Estate

It looks muscular and adds character to the car. Unlike the stock bumper on the Estate, this one is finished in body color. Coming to the side profile, you would notice that there are fender flares, and the original steel rims have been replaced with aftermarket alloy wheels. The wheels are wrapped with low-profile tires. The five-spoke alloy wheels are finished in a bronze shade. The tires look too close to the wheel arch. It is quite possible that the customer has opted for air suspension on this vehicle for a better stance.

The lowered stance of the vehicle definitely gives it a sporty appeal. The rear suspension of the car looks lifted in the video. The station wagon has a perfect space in the boot for the compressor and other mechanisms to control the air suspensions. The rear of the car looks the same as the Estate. The car does have a blacked-out Tata logo on the boot. Along with the exterior, the interior of this Estate has also been customized. The car gets tan-colored seat covers. The door pads are custom-made, and the dashboard is all black too. We can also see a custom-made floor mat and an illuminated scuff plate.

The one thing that completes the look of the car is obviously the Nardo Grey paint job. It complements the overall look of the car, and this is one of those things that make this one of the cleanest-looking custom-made Tata Estates in the country.

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