Indian Grandma driving BMW Z4 sports car is winning the internet [Video]

Sports cars and supercar sightings have become a lot more common in India lately. We associate these cars mostly with rich businessmen or celebrities. Most people who own these cars are young, rich, or both. However, a video has been circulating on the internet lately where an old Indian grandmother from Kerala is seen driving a sports car. Her name is Radhamani and she is not your regular grandmother. Here we have a video where Radhamani is seen driving a BMW Z4 convertible sports car.


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The video has been shared by A2Z Heavy Equipment Institute on their Instagram page. The video starts where Radhamani is seen behind the wheel of a Mahindra Thar. She parks the Mahindra Thar and then starts walking towards a BMW Z4 sports car. She has the key to the convertible sports car with her and says that now she is going to drive the same. The BMW Z4 seen here is the current generation model and it is finished in a Mustard Yellow shade.

Radhamani sits in the driver’s seat and starts driving the car. While it is a normal sight in western countries, Radhamani is around 73 years old and we don’t see people this old, especially women, in India driving cars around. What makes things more interesting is the fact that she is driving the Z4 car without any issues and confidently.

Radhamani is the owner of A2Z Driving School in Kerala’s Kochi. The driving school was set up in 1970 by her husband. Radhamani first learned driving a car when she was 30 years old. It was her husband who insisted on her learning to drive and soon she found interest in it. She currently holds licenses to drive vehicles of 11 different categories. She has the license to operate an excavator, forklift, crane, drive a road roller, tractor, container trailer truck, bus, lorry, and many more.

Radhamani with BMW Z4

Radhamani is also the first woman in Kerala to get a heavy vehicle license. It was in 2021 that she got a license for transporting hazardous goods. She got her first license for both bus and lorry back in 1988. The reason why she got these licenses is that she had to run the driving school business herself after she lost her husband in an accident in 2004. In order to run a driving school, it is a must that the proprietors or the instructors have a license for the vehicles that they teach.

One thing that is interesting is that while she holds a license to drive all these heavy vehicles and cars, her most favorite mode of transport is a two-wheeler. She got her two-wheeler license in 1993. In an interview that she gave to a media publication in 2020, Radhamani told that her husband had bought her a scooter and since then she rides her scooter everywhere. She only takes out a four-wheeler when it is absolutely necessary. It is probably the first time we are seeing a 73-year-old woman driving a sports car in India, and we hope that Radhamani becomes an inspiration to many more.

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