Hyundai Santro gets stuck behind a truck after crash: Gets dragged for 2km [Video]

Indian roads often witness some of the most bizarre incidents, and one such recent occurrence was particularly frightening. The accident involved an old-gen Hyundai Santro getting stuck behind a truck, which dragged the hatchback for approximately 2 km before coming to a halt.

A fellow motorist captured the incident on camera. It appears that the Hyundai Santro collided with the rear of the truck and got entangled with the heavy vehicle’s frame. Unfortunately, the truck driver remained unaware of the vehicle stuck behind and continued driving. The occupants inside the Santro were fortunately safe and seen moving within the car, but they were helpless in the situation.

Another motorist noticed the vehicle’s predicament and alerted the truck driver. This incident highlights the significant blind spots that exist in heavy vehicles like trucks.

Such accidents serve as a stark reminder of how perilous Indian roads can be if one is not vigilant. Moreover, they also underscore the lack of safety measures, especially in heavy vehicles like the truck involved in this incident.

No underrun bars in most Indian trucks

The safety standards for heavy vehicles on Indian roads are not uniform, posing significant challenges. Due to their height, sedans or hatchbacks can face massive problems when colliding with heavy vehicles. In many countries across the world, it is mandatory for heavy vehicles, especially trucks, to have underrun bars installed to prevent such accidents. However, India lacks such a rule.

Underrun bars play a crucial role in ensuring safety during accidents. They ensure that the car’s bumper makes initial contact with the truck, triggering airbags and enabling the car to absorb the impact by engaging its crumple zones.

Limited visibility

Hyundai Santro gets stuck behind a truck after crash: Gets dragged for 2km [Video]

One major issue with heavy vehicles is their limited visibility, despite drivers being positioned higher. This results in substantial blind spots around these vehicles, making it important for other drivers, especially two-wheeler riders, to be cautious while maneuvering around them.

Drivers of heavy vehicles often cannot see what lies immediately in front of them, leading them to drive slowly in heavy traffic situations. This knowledge is particularly vital for two-wheeler riders attempting to navigate through small gaps in congested traffic.

When overtaking heavy vehicles, including buses, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance. Often, the brake lights of such vehicles may not function correctly, emphasizing the importance of staying alert near them.

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