Hyundai Eon driver loses control on curve: Car breaks wall and lands on the porch [Video]

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. In India, hundreds of accidents happen on the road every day. In some cases, the occupants suffer injuries or even death, while in others, the car manages to absorb all the impact, saving the passengers. There is a third category where people luckily or narrowly escape from such accidents or injuries. Here we have one such video where a Hyundai Eon lost control on a curve and crashed into the wall of a house. The car went ahead and stopped on the porch of the house.

The video has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The video was originally posted by the Malayalam Television YouTube channel. The video was actually captured on the CCTV that was placed outside the house. In the CCTV footage, we can see a Hyundai Eon speeding towards a curve. As it approaches the curve, the driver loses control. A biker who was passing in the opposite direction narrowly escapes. The Hyundai Eon starts skidding and crashes into the wall of the house where the CCTV was installed.

Upon impact, the Hyundai Eon breaks the outer wall of the house, goes inside the residence, and stops on the porch. A person who would simply walk to the porch might think that someone had parked the car there. We do not see the occupants of the car in this video; however, it is said that they are all safe. The video also fails to show the damage on the car. This is probably because the whole incident was captured on the CCTV cameras. The driver of the car was actually lucky to have escaped without any major injuries.

Eon crashing into wall

The exact reason for losing control is not known. It needs to be checked whether the road surface was slippery or wet, which made the driver lose control, or whether he was simply speeding on a curve. Other than the biker we see in the video, there were no other vehicles on the road. If the Eon had crashed into another vehicle coming from the opposite direction, we are not sure whether the results would have been the same. This is another example that shows why one must always be careful and alert on the road. There is a possibility that the driver was passing through this stretch for the first time and was not aware of the curve. When he realized that there was a curve, he might have steered a bit too much, which would also lead to a similar situation.

Recently, we came across another video where a Tata Nano, trying to overtake on a blind curve, lost control and crashed into a coconut tree on the roadside. The car then hit a biker who was passing through the same road. The same would have been the case here if there was another vehicle on the road. One should maintain a safe speed within city limits, especially when driving in a new place. If you cannot see the road ahead clearly, always slow down, and most importantly, do not overspeed on curves.

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